Harbinger – Human Dust (Review)

HarbingerHarbinger are a UK metal band and this is their latest EP.

Contemporary and highly aggressive, this is music that’s been sharpened to a killing point. Continue reading


Interview with I, the Betrayer

I, the Betrayer Band Header

Norwegian metal band I, the Betrayer will soon release their debut EP 7. If you haven’t experienced their blend of old and new metal, I suggest you check out the stream at the bottom of this interview, as it’s well worth a listen.

Kyle Sevenoaks, the band’s bassist, filled me in on a bit more about the band and how they work… Continue reading

Element of Chaos – A New Dawn (Review)

Element of ChaosElement of Chaos are a progressive metal band from Italy, this is their second album.

With a sharp sound, serrated riffs, and savage vocals, Element of Chaos burst onto the airwaves with the first track on the album The Second Dawn of Hiroshima. It’s quite an entrance. Continue reading