Mountains Crave – As We Were When We Were Not (Review)

Mountains CraveMountains Crave are a UK black metal band and this is their debut album.

This is black metal that skilfully builds progressive, atmospheric, and post-metal elements into its construction. Continue reading


Locust Leaves – A Subtler Kind of Light (Review)

Locust LeavesLocust Leaves are a Greek avant-garde/progressive black metal band and this is their debut album.

This is black metal that embraces classic, thrash and progressive metal in its search for a perfect form of artistic expression. Continue reading

Falls of Rauros – Vigilance Perennial (Review)

Falls of RaurosThis is the fourth album from Falls of Rauros, a black metal band from the US.

Falls of Rauros are a band that I know can always be relied upon to deliver. Across their various releases they have produced a wealth of atmospheric and engaging folk-influenced black metal that has never failed to impress and satisfy me. The same can be said of Vigilance Perennial in this regard too. Continue reading

Fen – Winter (Review)

FenFen are a UK progressive black metal band and this is their fifth album.

Fen combine atmospheric, progressive and post-black metal into their beguiling music. Taking the appropriate elements of each and using them to suit their own purposes, the music on Winter is expansive and full of dark vision. Continue reading

Black Anvil – As Was (Review)

Black AnvilThis is the fourth album from US black metal band Black Anvil.

2014’s Hail Death was a firm favourite of mine. They’ve now produced the follow up to this, and it’s great to have them back.

Black Anvil play black metal that combines elements of thrash metal with a more epic, expansive side. Continue reading