Loathe – I Let It in and It Took Everything (Review)

Loathe - I Let It in and It Took EverythingThis is the second album from UK modern metallers Loathe.

Loathe’s music is based on a modern, contemporary vision of heavy music, and then added to by a wider set of influences. The end result is a multifaceted, textured album that spends 49 minutes exploring diverse and impactful soundscapes with the listener.

There’s a cinematic quality to this music, as if the band have wider ambitions than purely creating a collection of songs. This appears to be true, as like the best of albums, I Let It in and It Took Everything takes the listener on a journey, one where Loathe ably act as knowledgeable guides as events unfold.

The band’s music is loosely rooted in a form of classic songwriting, but expanded with a keen sense of playful experimentation. It’s obvious that not only do they feel quite passionate about their music, but they are also not content to simply copy what many other bands are doing. Although they essentially operate in the modern/technical/progressive/whatever metal arena, Loathe have quite quickly established themselves as something more individual than most of their peers. Loathe are trying something a bit different, and it’s working exceedingly well.

This is a very dynamic and engaging album, full of blistering metallic aggression, subtle atmospheric departures, and everything in between. Expressive synths and atypical guitars that should clash exist easily alongside each other. Elements of extreme metal, industrial, and hardcore infuse the band’s music, being incorporated into Loathe’s overall artistic framework quite naturally.

The vocals mirror the music in quality and diversity, with growls, shouts, and screams augmented with ethereal clean singing that drips with feeling. Aiming for an emotional, affecting delivery, the vocals achieve this and work perfectly with the rest of the music to give strong performances that are integrated with the album’s cinematic scope flawlessly.

Atmospheric, heavy, emotive, and compelling, Loathe have produced their best and most comprehensive work so far in their short career.

Very highly recommended.

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