Abnormality – Mechanisms of Omniscience (Review)

AbnormalityAbnormality are a Death Metal band from the US. This is their second album.

Abnormality’s 2012 début album Contaminating the Hive Mind was a standout slab of unrelenting brutality, really placing them highly in the extreme Metal hierarchy in my mind.

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Vulture Wings – Funeral Grounds (Review)

Vulture WingsThis is the début EP from this Brazilian Death Metal band.

This is old-school Death Metal that rumbles and chugs its way through the playing time, but is not without melody or nuance as it goes about its gory business.

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Godless – Centuries of Decadence (Review)

GodlessGodless are a Death Metal band from India and this is their début release.

Godless play Death Metal with traditional muscularity mixed with a bit of thrash and groove. It’s well-recorded and has a solid sound overall, making for a good impression.

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Interview with Circle of Reason

Circle of Reason

Faith or Theory by Circle of Reason has reignited my passion for modern melodic rock, by pure virtue of how damn enjoyable it is. Top songs, top work all around. It’s time to get to know this new face of rock, (at least in my mind), so without further ado, let’s have at it…

Introduce us to Circle of Reason!

Simon – Vocals/Guitar
Gary – Guitar
Andy – Drums
Rob – Bass/Backing vocals

What are your influences?

Deftones, Mastodon, Biffy Clyro, Muse, FFAF, Coheed and Cambria etc . We like riffs, we like melody.

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Interview with Artillery

Artillery Logo

Danish thrash metal band Artillery need little introduction, being decades-long veterans of the thrash metal wars. Their latest album Penalty by Perception has really upped the ante in terms of quality thrash, and it’s an album I already love. Guitarist Michael Stützer was kind enough to take some time out from reloading to answer a few questions…

Give us a bit of background to Artillery

Artillery was formed in 1982 by Morten Stützer, Per Onink, Jørgen Sandau, Carsten Nielsen and Michael Stützer and did the first demo ”We are the dead” in Dec 1982. After recording 2 new demos ”Shellschock” and ”Deeds of Darkness” in 1984 with new singer Carsten Lohmann Artillery signed with Neat Records which released the 2 albums Fear Of Tomorrow(1985) and Terror Squad(1987) now with singer Flemming Rönsdorf. In 1989 Artillery signed with Roadrunner and put out By inheritance. In 1991 Artillery took a break before releasing BACK in 1999 on Die Hard Records! After another break Artillery reunited in 2007 with singer Søren Adamsen and released 3 albums ”One foot in the grave… (2008) ”When Death comes” 2009 and ”My blood” and a DVD One foot in the grave… (2008) all on Metalmind Productions. In 2012 Artillery signed with Metal Blade and released ”Legions” (2012) and ”Penalty by perception” (2016) both with the current line up Peter Thorslund (Bass), Josua Madsen (Drums), Michael Bastholm Dahl (Vocals), Morten Stützer (Guitar), Michael Stützer (Guitar). Continue reading “Interview with Artillery”

Interview with Ad Patres and UK Tour Dates

Ad Patres Logo

French death metallers Ad Patres are a perennial favourite of my playlists, so when I saw they were touring the UK soon I got really quite excited. Their very sexy label Kaotoxin Records had the following to say –

Kaotoxin is proud to announce the first ever UK tour by French Death Metal machine AD PATRES, supporting brutal Brits of ABHORRENT DECIMATION.

After having played HellFest and many other French festivals, Netherlands with Krisiun, a weekend tour with Morbid Angel in France and Belgium, played Germany’s DeathFeast and whatnot, it’s time for AD PATRES to bring their savage beatings to UK stages and who other to team with than ABHORRENT DECIMATION for a brutal package of high-class Death Metal the way it was meant to be! Continue reading “Interview with Ad Patres and UK Tour Dates”

First Fragment – Dasein (Review)

First FragmentThis is the début album from First Fragment, who are a Canadian Technical Death Metal band.

Upon pressing play, my first impression is a jaw-dropping one. This is Technical Death Metal and then some. As it turns out though, there’s even more than just complex craziness going on here.

First Fragment can certainly play. At first glance it could seem as if all of the instruments are all over the place. Although that’s a good thing in many ways, crucially on Dasein, they’re all reined in appropriately for the needs of the song, rather than just let loose to roam and explore where they see fit, (although it does feel like that in some places).

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Interview with Boss Keloid

Boss Keloid Logo

I’m not sure how many times I’ve listened to Herb Your Enthusiasm at this point, but all I know is that it’s as infectious as it is crushing, and if it doesn’t end up in my end of year list for 2016 I’ll be hugely shocked. So when I got the opportunity to dig a bit deeper into the band, I took it. Here’s Alex Hurst, vocalist of Boss Keloid…

Introduce us to Boss Keloid!

Boss Keloid are
Alex Hurst – Vocals
Paul Swarbrick – Guitar
Adam Swarbrick – Bass
Ste Arands – Drums

What are your influences?The

Influences in this band are a tad crazy as we all love different types of music but there is a common ground when it comes to anything with a good groove and beat. Influences I could list would have to be Bob Marley / Sleep / OM / Neurosis / Steely Dan / Anything Mike Patton is involved in / Will Haven / King Crimson / Secret Chiefs 3 / Kyuss. Continue reading “Interview with Boss Keloid”

Sov – Aklamerad Kalamitet (Review)

SovSov are a Black Metal band and this is their début album.

Sov play underground and honest Black Metal that might superficially seem like the standard fare at first glance, but a deeper scrutiny reveals a band with impressive creative power and a lot of raw talent.

This is an interesting release in that it manages to cultivate an air of both natural forest-dwelling and sophisticated blackened art. The music is suspended between the more naturalistic elements and the modern, progressive influences so that these six tracks are a pleasing blend of the early second-wave style and a more up-to-date interpretation of the genre, à la Watain and Deathspell Omega. Continue reading “Sov – Aklamerad Kalamitet (Review)”

Killing for Company – House of Hades (Review)

Killing for CompanyThis is the début album from Norwegian Death Metal band Killing for Company.

Killing for Company’s music seems like it has congealed from a pool of blood that’s seeped out of the corpse of old-school Death Metal. To get an idea of the band’s sound, think Bolt Thrower and Autopsy; mix this with a bit of, (old), Hypocrisy and then add in some atmosphere and coloured melody. Continue reading “Killing for Company – House of Hades (Review)”