Dratna – Fomóraigh (Review)

Dratna - FomóraighDratna is a solo black metal band from Northern Ireland and this is his second album.

I enjoyed 2020’s Druid Winds & the Fall of the Celtic Gods, but missed Dratna’s debut album, so Fomóraigh is the perfect opportunity for me to catch back up with the band. The 39 minutes of material on the album reveals a well-rounded and well-developed slice of atmospheric black metal. Continue reading “Dratna – Fomóraigh (Review)”

The Silent Rage – Nuances of Life (Review)

The Silent Rage - Nuances of LifeThis is the second album from Greek power metallers The Silent Rage.

Nuances of Life contains 58 minutes, (with bonus tracks), of melodic power metal. It’s an album that should find favour with fans of the heavier, grittier side of the style. For a starting point for The Silent Rage’s music, imagine a mix of Nevermore, Iced Earth, Angel Dust, Judas Priest, and Testament. Continue reading “The Silent Rage – Nuances of Life (Review)”

Teodolit – Entropy (Review)

Teodolit - EntropyThis is the latest EP from Russian death metallers Teodolit.

With a duration of 16 minutes Entropy offers us a relatively brief taste of what Teodolit are all about. Featuring a member of Devourer, Teodolit play death metal with plenty of 90s influences, but also cast their net a bit wider than just this too. Continue reading “Teodolit – Entropy (Review)”

Unearth – The Wretched; The Ruinous (Review)

Unearth - The Wretched The RuinousUnearth are a metalcore band form the US and this is their eighth album.

Following on from 2018’s Extinction(s), Unearth continue to deliver the metalcore goods. Their tried-and-tested brand of melodic death metal-meets-thrash-meets-hardcore is on fine fiery form, and The Wretched; The Ruinous is a very enjoyable 37-minute slab of old-school metalcore heaviness. Continue reading “Unearth – The Wretched; The Ruinous (Review)”

Enforced – War Remains (Review)

Enforced - War RemainsEnforced are a crossover thrash metal band from the US and this is their third album.

Following on from 2021’s well-regarded Kill Grid, War Remains lands with the impact of a bombshell. Enforced’s new album is a force to be reckoned with. Continue reading “Enforced – War Remains (Review)”

Ὁπλίτης (Hoplites) – Τρωθησομένη (Review)

Ὁπλίτης - ΤρωθησομένηThis is the second album from Ὁπλίτης (otherwise known as Hoplites), a one-man post-black metal band from China.

Well this is unexpected. Having only unleashed the stunning Ψευδομένη on an unsuspecting world in January, we now get the equally unexpected Τρωθησομένη – 38 minutes of tasty new material from the very talented, (and apparently very prolific), artist behind Ὁπλίτης, (as well as Vitriolic Sage). Continue reading “Ὁπλίτης (Hoplites) – Τρωθησομένη (Review)”

Raider – Trial by Chaos (Review)

Raider - Trial by ChaosThis is the second album from Canadian death/thrash metallers Raider.

Over 39 minutes Trial by Chaos combines the melodic strains of death and thrash metal into eight tracks of savage intensity. Raider know how to write a good tune, and Trial by Chaos is packed with them. Continue reading “Raider – Trial by Chaos (Review)”

Wild Beyond – Wild Beyond (Review)

Wild Beyond - Wild BeyondThis is the debut album from US black metal band Wild Beyond.

Featuring current and ex-members of Daeva, Infernal Stronghold, Woe, and Woods of Ypres, Wild Beyond is a 31-minute onslaught of blistering black metal with a ferocious thrash edge. Continue reading “Wild Beyond – Wild Beyond (Review)”

Omnicidal – The Omnicidalist (Review)

Omnicidal - The OmnicidalistThis is the debut album from Swedish death metallers Omnicidal.

The Omnicidalist spends 43 minutes blending both the chainsaw and melodic varieties of old-school Swedish death metal. Sounds tasty? It really is. Continue reading “Omnicidal – The Omnicidalist (Review)”

Thron – Dust (Review)

Thron - DustThron are a black metal band from Germany and this is their fourth album.

Now boasting the drummer of the mighty Aara in their ranks, Dust contains 55 minutes of accomplished black metal. I haven’t caught up with the band since 2018’s Abysmal, so it’s good to hear what they’re up to once more, and I have not been disappointed. Quite the opposite, in fact. Continue reading “Thron – Dust (Review)”