Dark Divinity – Messianic (Review)

Dark Divinity - MessianicDark Divinity are a melodic death metal band from New Zealand, and this is their debut EP.

The promo blurn tells us that “Following in the footsteps of genre originators At the Gates, The Haunted & Dissection, the band also take cues from death/black metal acts such as Immortal, Morbid Angel & Death.” Bold words, but backed up by 18 minutes of music that cuts like a serrated knife, you’ll find no complaint from me. Continue reading “Dark Divinity – Messianic (Review)”

Defiatory – Hades Rising (Review)

DefiatoryThis is the second album from this Swedish thrash metal band.

Defiatory’s debut album Extinct was a notably enjoyable thrash attack, ably mixing together older influences into a modern take on aggressive thrash metal. Continue reading “Defiatory – Hades Rising (Review)”

Witchery – I Am Legion (Review)

WitcheryThis is the seventh album from Swedish blackened thrash metal band Witchery.

Hot on the heels of last year’s In His Infernal Majesty’s Service, this Swedish supergroup, (Arch Enemy, The Haunted, among others), have returned suprisingly quickly with another collection of sharp, vicious tunes. Continue reading “Witchery – I Am Legion (Review)”

Death Rattle – Volition (Review)

Death RattleDeath Rattle are a metal band from the US and this is their second album.

Death Rattle play heavy music that’s a combination of thrash and groove metal. Think of a mix of The Haunted, Lamb of God, and Dew Scented, with a hint of Gojira, for a good idea of where they’re coming from. Continue reading “Death Rattle – Volition (Review)”

Groke’s Clan – Vicious Circles (Review)

Groke's ClanGroke’s Clan are a Finnish metal band and this is their debut EP.

This is an interesting and enjoyable release. Blending various different heavy genres into one rocking whole, Vicious Circles showcases a band that are comfortable in their own skin and ready to bring the riffs wherever necessary. Continue reading “Groke’s Clan – Vicious Circles (Review)”

The Haunted – Strength in Numbers (Review)

The HauntedThe Haunted are a Swedish thrash metal band and this is their ninth album.

The Haunted have produced quite the ripping album with their latest offering. Blimey. This is aggressive thrash metal played with style, passion, and plenty of riffs. Continue reading “The Haunted – Strength in Numbers (Review)”

Expenzer – Kill the Conductor (Review)

ExpenzerExpenzer are a Swiss Metal band and this is their début album.

This is modern Thrash Metal with a sound that’s somewhere between Darkane, Dew Scented and The Haunted. Indeed, the final song is a The Haunted cover.

The songs are well written and done in the classic verse-chorus style. This makes for easily digested Thrash songs that are quite catchy.

The songs are riff-heavy and are full of shredding licks, leads and solos. It’s mainly a heavy assault, but the band do insert the odd touch of melody here and there. They don’t do this often, so it’s noticeable when they do.

Kill the Conductor has a tight production, with all instruments sounding good. The drums pound away and the guitars rage and crunch. The solos have a fluid, flowing feel, which is something I always enjoy.

This is a decent Thrash Metal album that has a workman-like ethic of just getting down to it; no nonsense, no frills. The style works in their favour and Kill the Conductor is 49 minutes of gratifying Metal.

Terminal Prospect – Redefine Existence (Review)

Terminal ProspectTime for a bit of Swedish Melodic Death Metal in the form of Terminal Prospect and their second album Redefine Existence.

At 11 tracks in 34 minutes, most of the songs are quite short and to the point. This is from the same school of Metal as The Haunted, early In Flames, Darkane, At The Gates, etc. and it’s better than you probably imagine.

The album starts with the high-pitched screams of the singer, whose vocals appear to be designed to scratch at the brain while the music batters your chest. He screams and shrieks his way through the songs in an effective manner, and it works particularly well when he locks into a rhythm with the guitars and they work together as one.

The songs are streamlined and full of melodic flourish, while still keeping the Thrash feel of the riffs alive and well. There are some nice guitar parts and the band have a vibrant feeling to a lot of the riffs. This vibrant feeling is important; it would be easy for a band like this to have tired-sounding guitars. Although it’s exceptionally hard for any group to have completely unique riffs, melodies etc., and Terminal Prospect don’t fall into this category, (as most bands don’t); at least they still sound young, fresh and full of life. There is no going-through-the-motions here, it’s all done for the love of Metal.

A quality album that is easy to digest and leaves a pleasant taste in the mouth. Recommended.