Apotelesma – Timewrought Kings (Review)

ApotelesmaApotelesma are a doom metal band from the Netherlands and this is their debut album.

This is dark, atmospheric doom metal that has several corrupting influences from black metal’s more atmospheric strains. Continue reading


Kroh – Pyres (Review)

KrohThis is the latest EP from UK doom metal band Kroh.

Kroh are a talented bunch. My first introduction to their female-fronted incarnation was when I caught them live at the 2016 Damnation Festival, so I’m now very glad to be reviewing their latest EP. Continue reading

Damnation Festival – Leeds University, 04/11/17 (Live Review)

Damnation Festival Header

It’s once more time to gather in Leeds for this year’s Damnation Festival. With another amazing lineup, this is a festival that’s a definite milestone in the yearly metal calendar.

Damnation Stage Times Continue reading

Promethean Misery – Ghosts (Review)

Promethean MiseryPromethean Misery is a one-woman project playing atmospheric and doom metal-influenced neo-classical music.

After her extremely impressive and enjoyable Bloodlet EP from earlier in the year, this new album contains more alluring, dark, and wonderfully-realised music. Continue reading

Year of the Cobra – Burn Your Dead (Review)

Year of the CobraYear of the Cobra are a doom metal band from the US and this is their latest EP.

Year of the Cobra’s debut album …in the Shadows Below was 44 minutes of guitarless drum and bass doom, the likes of which would be extremely satisfying in its own right, but with the added sultry crooning of their impressive singer, it just ascended to even greater heights. Continue reading

Blut Aus Nord – Deus Salutis Meæ (Review)

Blut Aus NordBlut Aus Nord are a black metal band, (among other things), from France. This is their twelfth album.

Blut Aus Nord are a well-known band with a well-known proclivity for experimentation and producing music that’s as unexpected/unpredictable as it is rich, dark, and textured. Continue reading