Fit for an Autopsy/Thy Art Is Murder/Malevolence – The Aggression Sessions – Split (Review)

Fit for an Autopsy Thy Art Is Murder Malevolence - The Aggression SessionsThis is a split between Fit for an Autopsy, Thy Art Is Murder, and Malevolence, who are from the US, Australia, and the UK respectively. It’s the successor of sorts to 2016’s The Depression Sessions. Each band contributes one original and one cover track to this release, which lasts 23 minutes in total.

Fit for an Autopsy always impress with their charismatic take on progressive deathcore. Their new track however – Hellions – is a throwback to the band’s simpler, more brutal roots. It’s a stormer of a song, one that punishes with crushing riffs and pummelling drums. Fast and furious, with a blackened aspect in a couple of places, it still benefits from Fit for an Autopsy’ innate sense of songwriting smarts, delivering a fiery piece of aggressive heaviness that just hits the spot nicely.

Their cover is of the classic At the Gates song Under a Serpent Sun, which I was very excited to hear. It’s a blistering rendition that’s shockingly authentic in execution, right down to the screams of the singer. Top work FFAA.

Thy Art Is Murder’s energetic deathcore delivers new song Until There Is No Longer with the strength of a hammer blow. Leaning confidently into the band’s death metal side, the music is a steamroller of brutality, while never missing out on the band’s keen songwriting abilities or deathcore dynamics. Blasting intensity and chunky grooves make for a song that’s armed to the teeth with riffs and hooks. It’s great to hear some new TAIM material, and this bodes very well for the future.

Another classic cut gets its time to shine with the band’s version of Hammer Smashed Face by Cannibal Corpse. Yes, it’s as good as you would hope it is. Like Fit for an Autopsy’s cover before them, it’s a faithful cover to the original, with the band’s singer in particular giving an absolutely monstrous performance. Nice.

After the double-barrelled intensity of both of the previous bands, Malevolence offer up somewhat of a change of pace with new track Waste of Myself, while still being undeniably heavy in its own right. It’s a different beast to what came before it. However, Malevolence’s 90s-influenced groove metal/metalcore hybrid style is still pretty damn nasty, and holds its own well. Picking up where the band’s last album left of, Waste of Myself is packed with energetic groove and big riffs.

The split ends with their cover of an Anastacia song. I have no idea what the original sounds like, but I’m going to guess that Malevolence’s  version is a lot less true to the original than the other covers here. Either way, it’s a really good track that sounds like a melodic and emotive cross between Crowbar and Hatebreed. It’s pretty damn catchy too.

The Aggression Sessions is a quality release from three enjoyable acts that have produced some great material. This split is definitely worth your time if you’re a fan of these acts.

Very highly recommended.


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