Dawn of Demise – Into the Depths of Veracity (Review)

Dawn of Demise - Into the Depths of VeracityDawn of Demise are from Denmark and play death metal. This is their fifth album.

The follow up to 2016’s The Suffering, Into the Depths of Veracity contains 39 minutes of groovy, punishing death metal. Continue reading


Bather – Bather (Review)

Bather - BatherBather are a sludge metal band from the US and this is their debut album.

I like hybrid bands that are hard to easily tag, and Bather qualify. Bather play a violent metal/sludge/hardcore style that involves Continue reading

Distant – Tyrannotophia (Review)

Distant - TyrannotophiaThis is the debut album from Distant, a deathcore band from the Netherlands.

Tyrannotophia combines underground slam-infused death metal with brutal deathcore. It’s easy to be lazy with this sort of thing and end up with a generic record, but Tyrannotophia is definitely an above-standard release. Continue reading

Gods Forsaken – Smells of Death (Review)

Gods Forsaken - Smells of DeathGods Forsaken are a death metal supergroup and this is their second album.

This is the follow up to the band’s 2017 debut album In a Pitch Black Grave, and it shows that Gods Forsaken have lost none of their talent for butchery. Continue reading

Hath – Of Rot and Ruin (Review)

Hath - Of Rot and RuinHath are a progressive blackened death metal band from the US, (with members of Cognitive and Dystrophy), and this is their debut album.

Of Rot and Ruin combines a base of death metal aggression with black metal’s dark emotive qualities to produce and album that hits hard and memorably, and easily draws you back for more and more. Continue reading