Teratoma – In the Inside…Reborn the Flesh (Review)

TeratomaTeratoma are a Spanish death metal band and this is their latest EP.

This is brutal death metal with elements of grindcore included. The EP lasts 22 minutes. Continue reading

Iron Reagan/Gatecreeper – Split (Review)

Iron Reagan GatecreeperThis is a split release between these two US bands. Iron Reagan play crossover thrash/hardcore and Gatecreeper play old-school death metal.

The split opens with Iron Reagan, who offer up 10 minutes of their particular brand of crossover mayhem. Continue reading

Voidhanger – Dark Days of the Soul (Review)

VoidhangerVoidhanger are a blackened death/thrash band from Poland, and this is their third album.

It seems like a long time ago since the release of Voidhanger’s exemplary second album Working Class Misanthropy – and it has been. This album was notable for me due to its high quality levels; this style of Continue reading

Sixes – Methistopheles (Review)

SixesSixes are a doom/sludge band from the US and this is their debut album.

You know that you can never, ever have enough filthy, ugly doom, right? I mean, it’s just not possible.

Enter Sixes.

Methistopheles is a colossal 62 minutes of feedback, Earth-shaking distortion, apocalyptic melodies, and throat-destroying vocals. And boy does it grab you and not let go until the bitter end. Continue reading