All My Sins – Zov iz Magle (Review)

All My SinsAll My Sins are a Serbian black metal band and this is their latest release.

After the enjoyable Lunar/Solar from last year, we now have this new EP that gives us one track off an upcoming full length album, and one that’s exclusive to this current short release. Continue reading


Abduction – A l’Heure du Crépuscule (Review)

AbductionThis is the second album from French black metallers Abduction.

I liked Une Ombre Régit les Ombres a lot, so now that the band have returned with album number two, it’s time to get reacquainted with their characterful brand of black metal. Continue reading

Altar of Perversion – Intra Naos (Review)

Altar of PerversionAltar of Perversion are an Italian black metal band and this is their second album.

Sometimes I enjoy the challenge of getting to grips with something that’s absolutely immense in length and content. Intra Naos is exactly one such release. At 114 minutes in duration, it’s an ambitious release, and a potentially daunting proposition for even the hardened black metal fan. However, because the band producing this material have completely pulled it off, it can yield vast rewards for those willing and able to explore its many allures. Continue reading

Møl – Jord (Review)

MølMøl are a post-black metal band from Denmark and this is their debut album.

This is 42 minutes of atmospheric and emotive blackgaze. Taking a base of sharp, modern black metal and incorporating into it an obvious love of shoegaze’s ethereal intensity, Jord is a double-edged sword, promising both salvation and damnation. Continue reading

Above Aurora – Path to Ruin (Review)

Above AuroraAbove Aurora are a Polish black metal band and this is their latest EP.

Above Aurora play black metal laced with venom and swirling with dark energies. This release contains three songs with a total duration of 17 minutes, and should appeal to those that like their black metal to have a nuanced, mid-paced approach to spreading darkness. Continue reading

The Negative Bias/Golden Dawn – Split (Review)

The Negative Bias Golden DawnThis is a split between two Austrian black metal bands – The Negative Bias and Golden Dawn.

The release starts with The Temple of Cruel Empathy by The Negative Bias. This is a 12-minute foray into the atmospheric black metal cosmos. Continue reading