Cancer – Shadow Gripped (Review)

Cancer - Shadow GrippedThis is the sixth album from Cancer, a UK death metal band.

This is Cancer’s first album in 13 years, and their first to feature their original lineup in 23 years. Lasting 44 minutes, Cancer’s newest album contains old-school death metal, with plenty of brutality and viciousness.

This is Cancer stripped to the bone and echoing the music they produced on their first three albums. Beefy and without any frills, this is visceral, blood-pumping stuff.

If you’re familiar with their old material then you’ll know what to expect here, which is not a bad thing; Cancer have managed to channel/recreate their original sound so nimbly and completely, that you could imagine that Shadow Gripped was written in the early 90s rather than being a product of the present.

This really is a damn good album. Almost every song has hooks, riffs, memorability, and catchiness aplenty. I’ve listened to this album way more than I usually do for this kind of thing, and I see no end to this in the near future. You can pretty much dive in at any point on this release and be guaranteed of some meaty riffs and catchy aggression. It’s hard to pick a standout track, as almost all of the songs merit this label.

Well-written, and with plenty of quality riffs, it’s easy to listen to this album and soak up its deathly vibes. Cancer have produced an album that revels in its classic death metal status, and clearly know how to write in this style. Heavy, brutal, and direct; if you’re a fan of this sort of thing then you won’t be disappointed with Shadow Gripped.

Very highly recommended.

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