Mnajdra – Mnajdra (Review)

Mnajdra - MnajdraThis is the debut album from US black metal band Mnajdra.

From out of nowhere comes Mnajdra, a 44-minute slice of underworld darkness. This is thick, unfriendly black metal that has subsumed elements of doom and sludge into itself to better portray the utter bleakness and horror of existence. Continue reading “Mnajdra – Mnajdra (Review)”

Verzauber – Frankincense & Vitriol (Review)

Verzauber - Frankincense & VitriolThis is the debut album from solo Irish black metal band Verzauber.

Containing a colossal 80 minutes of material, Frankincense & Vitriol is an extended undertaking, with epic-length songs that are full of immersive content. Verzauber’s primary style is that of raw atmospheric black metal, and within and alongside this a few different influences can be felt, resulting in a well-textured and detailed work. Continue reading “Verzauber – Frankincense & Vitriol (Review)”

Esoctrilihum – Astraal Constellations of the Majickal Zodiac (Review)

Esoctrilihum - Astraal Constellations of the Majickal ZodiacThis is the tenth album form French one-man black metal band Esoctrilihum.

Astraal Constellations of the Majickal Zodiac is a monster of a release. It’s actually three albums in one, essentially, with a total of 130 minutes of material spread across all three. It’s always interesting and enjoyable to catch up with this artist’s work, (for example Continue reading “Esoctrilihum – Astraal Constellations of the Majickal Zodiac (Review)”

Hexenschorf – Certain Rapture (Review)

Hexenschorf - Certain RaptureHexenschorf is a one-man black metal band from the US, and this is his debut album.

The artist behind Hexenshorf plays black metal in the classic second wave style. Certain Rapture provides us with 28 minutes of raw hostility. Continue reading “Hexenschorf – Certain Rapture (Review)”

Lust Hag – Mistress in the Mirror (Review)

Lust Hag - Mistress in the MirrorLust Hag is a one-woman black metal band from the US, and this is her latest EP.

Mistress in the Mirror contains 21 minutes of raw black metal spread out over seven tracks. You may not have heard of Lust Hag before – I hadn’t – but this is a release that should by all rights make people take notice of this very enjoyable band. Continue reading “Lust Hag – Mistress in the Mirror (Review)”

Old Castles/Winterstorm – Everlasting Black Arts in Supreme Darkness – Split (Review)

Old Castles Winterstorm - Everlasting Black Arts in Supreme Darkness - SplitOld Castles and Winterstorm are both black metal bands. The former from Chile, the latter from Chile/Ecuador.

Old Castles open the split with 20 minutes of material. The band play raw black metal and one of the members is also in Winterstorm. Continue reading “Old Castles/Winterstorm – Everlasting Black Arts in Supreme Darkness – Split (Review)”

Moonthoth – Uroczysko (Review)

Moonthoth - UroczyskoThis is the second album from Polish one-man black metal band Moonthoth.

Uroczysko treats us to 50 minutes of underground black metal. It’s old-school and traditional at heart, yet rich, layered, and adventurous in scope. It has a keen atmospheric edge, is bolstered by powerful symphonic elements, and is not afraid to walk its own path. Continue reading “Moonthoth – Uroczysko (Review)”

Carathis – Amethyst & Moonstone (Review)

Carathis - Amethyst & MoonstoneThis is the latest release from Austrian black metal band Carathis.

Carathis is essentially a solo act that is augmented by a drummer. This is an interesting release in that it consists of two EPs. The Amethyst Fortress, (the first five tracks), came out in 2021, and The Moonstone Temple, (the final four tracks), which is not officially released on digital until this compilation is on CD in February 2023. Continue reading “Carathis – Amethyst & Moonstone (Review)”

Glyph – The Time of Peril (Review)

Glyph - The Time of PerilThis is the second album from Glyph, a one-man black metal band from the US.

We turn now to solo act Glyph for a 37-minute trip into a black metal underworld that’s a work of individuality and obvious passion. There’s a special sort of mysterious, esoteric magic that surrounds The Time of Peril, one that’s quite intoxicating to delve into. Continue reading “Glyph – The Time of Peril (Review)”

Chamber of Mirrors – Shadow Kingdom (Review)

Chamber of Mirrors - Shadow KingdomThis is the debut album from US one-man black metal act Chamber of Mirrors.

Delivering 35 minutes of underground black metal, Shadow Kingdom is a good showcase for what the artist behind Chamber of Mirrors is capable of. Continue reading “Chamber of Mirrors – Shadow Kingdom (Review)”