Death Goals – A Garden of Dead Flowers (Review)

Death Goals - A Garden of Dead FlowersThis is the second album from Death Goals, a hardcore band from the UK.

A Garden of Dead Flowers is a 29-minute album full of character and personality. This is partially down to the varied and charismatic vocals – everything from shrieks to clean singing – and partially down to the music itself, which is expressive and colourful, while Continue reading “Death Goals – A Garden of Dead Flowers (Review)”

Spinebreaker – Cavern of Inoculated Cognition (Review)

Spinebreaker - Cavern of Inoculated CognitionThis is the latest EP from US death metallers Spinebreaker.

I was beginning to wonder if we’d ever get anything more from Spinebreaker. I really enjoyed 2016’s Ice Grave, but that was a very long time ago now, and I’d pretty much given up hope of anything new. That was, until Cavern of Inoculated Cognition appeared out of the blue to stomp me flat. Continue reading “Spinebreaker – Cavern of Inoculated Cognition (Review)”

Thørn – Inferno (Review)

Thørn - InfernoThis is the debut album from Thørn, a blackened crust band from Italy.

Inferno contains 36 minutes of anger, teeth, and crushing distorted intensity. Thørn’s blackened crusty hardcore is a shockingly good record. Continue reading “Thørn – Inferno (Review)”

Allfather – A Violent Truth (Review)

Allfather - A Violent TruthThis is the third album from UK sludge metal band Allfather.

A Violent Truth is a 27-minute kick to the head. This is ugly sludge metal played in the way that that it should be played; raw, honest, and brutal. Continue reading “Allfather – A Violent Truth (Review)”

Leprethere – Tarnished Passion (Review)

Leprethere - Tarnished PassionLeprethere are a death metal/mathcore band from Belarus and this is their debut album.

Tarnished Passion delivers a 34-minute smack to the face. Leprethere play a form of hybrid death metal/mathcore that’s dissonant and harsh, yet not without nuance or depth.

Continue reading “Leprethere – Tarnished Passion (Review)”

Håndgemeng – Ultraritual (Review)

Håndgemeng - UltraritualThis is the debut album from Norwegian stoner/sludge metal band Håndgemeng.

Ultraritual provides us with 42 minutes of stoner/sludge metal that has a hardcore edge. Taking a high energy approach to riff-focused heavy music, yet varied within this, Ultraritual is a melting pot of influences that come together well. Continue reading “Håndgemeng – Ultraritual (Review)”

Straight Hate – Slaves of Falseness (Review)

Straight Hate - Slaves of FalsenessThis is the third album from Polish grindcore band Straight Hate.

On 2016’s Every Scum Is a Straight Arrow and 2019’s Black Sheep Parade, Straight Hate amiably demonstrated their competence in the gritty arts of grindcore. Now they’ve returned with 26 minutes of new material on Slaves of Falseness, and they’re ready to grind. Continue reading “Straight Hate – Slaves of Falseness (Review)”