Interview with Vomitile

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Vomitile’s third album Pure Eternal Hate brings the death metal – hard, fast, and heavy. There’s no messing around on this release. If you like your death metal relentlessly brutal and delivered with thunderous intensity and groove, Vomitile are the band for you. I like how the band effortlessly combine punishing riffs and drums that drop like bombs, with a decent sense of songwriting and catchiness. Yep, Pure Eternal Hate is on high rotation here at Wonderbox Metal.

I caught up with bassist/vocalist Khatch to discuss all things Vomitile… Continue reading “Interview with Vomitile”

Burial Invocation – Abiogenesis (Review)

Burial InvocationThis is the debut album from Burial Invocation, a Turkish death metal band.

If you’re partial to some morbid death metal, with long songs and plenty of sinister atmosphere, then Burial Invocation are a band you are going to want to check out. Continue reading “Burial Invocation – Abiogenesis (Review)”

Cold Snap – All Our Sins (Review)

Cold SnapCold Snap are a Croatian metal band and this is their fourth album.

I enjoyed Cold Snap’s 2015 album World War 3, which mixed modern metal and metalcore with a rare-these-days helping of nu-metal. Despite how that description probably sounds to some people, it was a recipe I quite enjoyed, so I’m now pleased to give the band’s latest effort a good listen. Continue reading “Cold Snap – All Our Sins (Review)”

Myrkvid – Demons Are Inside (Review)

MyrkvidMyrkvid are a French black metal band and this is their latest EP.

Myrkvid play classic, second-wave black metal with a rolling, grooving fury and energetic blasphemy. Continue reading “Myrkvid – Demons Are Inside (Review)”

Mesarthim – The Density Parameter (Review)

MesarthimThis is the third album from Australian black metallers Mesarthim.

2016’s .- -… … . -. -.-. . was an album I really enjoyed, so this new full-length is very gratefully received. The Density Parameter, however, is something else entirely. Continue reading “Mesarthim – The Density Parameter (Review)”

Runespell – Order of Vengeance (Review)

RunespellRunespell is a one man black metal band from Australia, and this is his second album.

I enjoyed 2017’s Unhallowed Blood Oath, which gave us seven tracks of utterly authentic 90s second wave black metal. Well, it’s now 2018, and we have yet another seven tracks to consume. Continue reading “Runespell – Order of Vengeance (Review)”

Immortal – Northern Chaos Gods (Review)

ImmortalImmortal are a Norwegian black metal band and this is their ninth album.

Immortal are pretty legendary by now, and as this album is their first since 2009’s All Shall Fall, it has a lot of expectations riding on it. Continue reading “Immortal – Northern Chaos Gods (Review)”

With the End in Mind – Unraveling; Arising (Review)

With the End in MindWith the End in Mind is a one man black metal band from the US. This is his debut album.

Here we have 55 minutes of expressive, expansive Cascadian atmospheric black metal. Well, this is something quite special. First seeing the light of day in 2016, it’s now getting a new lease of life via Temple of Torturous Records. Continue reading “With the End in Mind – Unraveling; Arising (Review)”

Interview with Gutter Instinct

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Gutter Instinct just keep getting better and better. There, I said it. From the rumbling Swedish death metal monstrosity of The Insurrection, to the blackened death metal of Age of the Fanatics, and now the band’s latest grim opus Heirs of Sisyphus, Gutter Instinct are like an unstoppable juggernaut of carnage and mayhem.

Heirs of Sisyphus sees the band travel even further down the blackened path, while still retaining their core brutality. It’s a real ugly joy to listen to, and lets the listener completely wallow in aggression and darkness for an immersive 46 minutes of total morbid atmosphere and guttural destruction.

Rhythm guitarist Hannes Hellman talked to us about his band, how the new album came to be, and what lies ahead for Gutter instinct… Continue reading “Interview with Gutter Instinct”