Fit for an Autopsy – The Sea of Tragic Beasts (Review)

Fit for an Autopsy - The Sea of Tragic BeastsFit for an Autopsy are a deathcore band from the US and this is their fifth album.

This album follows on from 2017’s hugely enjoyable The Great Collapse, which stood tall and proud as an example of deathcore that took influence from the original parameters of the genre, but had also progressed beyond it. The Sea of Tragic Beasts finds the band continuing down their chosen path, merging deathcore ferocity with post-deathcore progressive atmospherics and emotional content.

Yes, one of the things I like about Fit for an Autopsy is their ability to blend crushing groove-heavy deathcore, with the blistering fury of modern death metal, while also incorporating an atmospheric and emotive aspect into their music. This results in songs that not only have a plethora of instant appeal hooks, but also more than enough depth to inspire repeat visits and ensure longevity.

Three guitarists means that the band can inject complexity when they need to, and there’s a good deal of variety and different textures to sample on The Sea of Tragic Beasts. Nuance and subtlety can be found, as well as multiple shades of creativity. Deathcore can easily be a one-dimensional affair, even when spliced with modern death metal, but Fit for an Autopsy are anything but.

The singer’s bellowing roar is as satisfying as ever, but there’s an increasing range in the vocals, from piercing screams to semi-clean and clean post-hardcore singing. Taken together, the vocals and the music have both taken a further step forward. Strong songwriting is apparent all over this release, and everything here hits the spot.

It’s great to see Fit for an Autopsy continue to push beyond the boundaries of the typically restrictive genre that birthed them, and produce music of worth and value beyond simple breakdowns and blast beats. If you’re a fan of modern heavy music delivered with good songs and plenty of heart and passion, then this is for you.

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