Atomçk – Every Room in Britain (Review)

AtomçkAtomçk are a UK grindcore band and this is their latest album.

I love me some unruly, pissed-off grindcore, and this certainly hits the mark. Continue reading


Full of Hell – Trumpeting Ecstasy (Review)

Full of HellFull of Hell are a US grindcore band, and this is their fifth album, (or third, if you don’t count their collaborative ones).

Full of Hell play grindcore that’s both primitive and innovative. Combing death metal, powerviolence, punk, crust, harsh electronics, and noise into a gruesomely violent and nasty grindcore package, Full of Hell are Continue reading

Expulsion – Nightmare Future (Review)

ExpulsionExpulsion are a US grindcore band and this is their debut release.

Consisting of members of bands such as Exhumed and Repulsion, (presumably where the name Expulsion came from?), as well as Gruesome, Intronaut, Phobia, and Lightning Swords of Death, it’s safe to say that there’s a wealth of experience that’s gone into this release.

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Elder Devil – Graves Among the Roots (Review)

Elder DevilElder Devil are a grindcore band from the US and this is their debut EP.

Featuring a member of Keeper, (who play slow, crushingly heavy doom) – at just under 14 minutes in length, this entire release is shorter than some Keeper songs.

The, (very capable), singer is also in Cabin Fire, so this is a duo that isn’t without experience, and it shows. Continue reading

Apes – Lightless (Review)

ApesApes are a dark hardcore band from Canada and this is their debut album.

I love it when you find a band that don’t limit themselves to what they play, exploring multiple genres and bringing everything together with a love of extremity and savage delivery. Continue reading

Scalpel – Methods to Delusion (Review)

ScalpelThis is the second album from Scalpel, a death metal band from the US.

We haven’t heard much from Scalpel since 2013’s Sorrow and Skin. This was one of the earliest reviews I ever did, (as you can probably gather by reading it), so the band have always stuck in my mind. It’s great to catch up with them almost four years later. My, where does the time go? Continue reading