Kontagion – [R-!-E]lentless (Review)

KontagionThis is the second album from Polish industrial metal band Kontagion.

Kontagion play industrial-tinged cybermetal, taking influence from the earlier of strains of the Fear Factory virus, and morphing itself into an altogether darker and more feral breed via some early Slipknot/Mushroomhead influences and a touch of Godflesh, (of which there’s a cover version here of Crush My Soul).

This really does have a late 90s/early 00s feel Continue reading “Kontagion – [R-!-E]lentless (Review)”

Cara Neir/Wildspeaker – Guilt and His Reflection (Review)

Cara Neir WildspeakerCara Neir are a black metal/crust/grind/whatever band from the US. They have teamed up with Wildspeaker, a blackened sludge/crust band, also from the US.

I’m a big fan of Cara Neir, so as far as I’m concerned any release of theirs is well worth giving a listen to. On this split they contribute seven songs spread over 21 minutes.

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Interview with Allegaeon

Allegaeon Header

Have you heard Allegaeon’s latest album Proponent for Sentience yet? If you haven’t, then you really, really should. It’s that good. It’s also one of those very pleasing records that just gets better the more you listen to it. With each spin you notice and appreciate different things about the songs, and you wonder how you didn’t notice them the first time around.

Hmm, there’s clearly some form of black magic going on here. Or, as we’ll see, maybe some high-tech shenanigans are afoot…

Introduce us to Allegaeon

Well we’re a 5 piece modern melodic death metal band, originally out of Fort Collins Colorado, but now out of Denver. Riley McShane on Vocals, Michael Stancel and myself (Greg Burgess) on guitar, Brandon Park on drums, and Corey Archuleta on bass.

What are your influences?

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Predatory Light – Predatory Light (Review)

Predatory LightThis is the debut album from US black metallers Predatory Light.

Featuring members of Mania, Triumvir Foul and Ash Borer, this release comes with high expectations before it even starts. As you can probably guess, those expectations are fulfilled.

Predatory Light play black metal with a serving of doom and a keen Continue reading “Predatory Light – Predatory Light (Review)”

Interview with Forty Winters

Forty Winters Logo

Rotting Empire is the second album from US metal band Forty Winters. Chock-full of heavy riffs and meaty beatdowns, this is metallic hardcore in its original 90s/00s incarnation, all stomping riffs and attitude, but with modern delivery. And do you know what? It’s great to hear.

Jeff Stevenson (Guitar) & Xavier Vicuna (Vocals) filled me in a bit more on all things Forty Winters…

Introduce us to Forty Winters!

Xavier: We’re Forty Winters, metal band from South Florida. We play pissed off music for pissed off people. It’s actually a lot of fun. We love to tour, so make sure you come check out a show if we’re in your area. Continue reading “Interview with Forty Winters”

In Obscurity Revealed – Grim Fumes of Revelation (Review)

In Obscurity RevealedIn Obscurity Revealed are a blackened death metal band from Mexico and this is their debut EP.

Something about the cover of this release just made it impossible to pass over for review; as soon as I saw it I knew I had to listen to it and write words about it.

So here we are.

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Axxen Conners – Nowhere to Escape Sins (Review)

Axxen ConnersAxxen Conners are a progressive death metal band from Turkey. This is their debut EP.

This short, sub-13 minute EP is an interesting listen. Professionally recorded with a solid sound, the band effectively showcase their metal vision.

The band play a sort of death metal that has a progressive/melodic edge, with elements of black metal stirred into Continue reading “Axxen Conners – Nowhere to Escape Sins (Review)”

Interview with Mindscar

Mindscar Logo

Mindscar’s second album is a different beast to their first one, but no less savage. What’s Beyond the Light is both catchy and memorable extreme metal, confident in its attack and nuanced enough to have more depth than you might be expecting from such an in-your-face band.

Guitarist/singer Richie Brown tells us more…

Introduce us to Mindscar!

We are a three piece metal band from Florida with two albums out: Kill The King and What’s Beyond The Light.

What are your influences?

Nature and life experiences. Continue reading “Interview with Mindscar”

Asphyx – Incoming Death (Review)

AsphyxHailing from The Netherlands, this is the ninth album from legendary death metallers Asphyx.

Asphyx are a well-known band for a reason and new material from them is always welcome.

Incoming Death contains 48 minutes of colossal death metal, with huge riffs and drums that drop like bombs.

War-themed and crushingly heavy, this is an album that sweeps you away as soon as you start playing it. Sure, there are Continue reading “Asphyx – Incoming Death (Review)”