Arkheron Thodol – Thaw (Review)

Arkheron ThodolArkheron Thodol are an atmospheric black metal band from the US and this is their debut album.

Atmospheric black metal is one of my favourite sub-genres. When it’s done well and you’re in the mood for it, there’s nothing quite like it. Continue reading “Arkheron Thodol – Thaw (Review)”

Element of Chaos – A New Dawn (Review)

Element of ChaosElement of Chaos are a progressive metal band from Italy, this is their second album.

With a sharp sound, serrated riffs, and savage vocals, Element of Chaos burst onto the airwaves with the first track on the album The Second Dawn of Hiroshima. It’s quite an entrance. Continue reading “Element of Chaos – A New Dawn (Review)”

Suffering Hour – In Passing Ascension (Review)

Suffering HourThis is the debut album of US blackened death metal band Suffering Hour.

Suffering Hour’s 2014 debut EP Foreseeing Exemptions to a Dismal Beyond was a release that really struck a chord with me. The band’s primitive-yet-powerful display Continue reading “Suffering Hour – In Passing Ascension (Review)”

Dead Soul Alliance – Slaves to the Apocalypse (Review)

Dead Soul AllianceDead Soul Alliance are a Canadian death metal band and this is their third EP.

This is 25 minutes of old-school death metal, fashioned after the 90s era. Continue reading “Dead Soul Alliance – Slaves to the Apocalypse (Review)”

Hate – Tremendum (Review)

HateHate are a Polish blackened death metal band and this is their tenth album.

Tremendum’s music is a mix of the old-school and the new. The former provides a purity of focus and delivery, while the latter provides polish and a sense of renewed dynamic energy. Continue reading “Hate – Tremendum (Review)”

Opposer – Darkest Path (Review)

OpposerThis is the second album from Spanish death metallers Opposer.

This is old-school death metal with an equally old-school thrash influence. A mix of Obituary, Death, Bolt Thrower, and Sepultura, if you will. Continue reading “Opposer – Darkest Path (Review)”

Palehorse/Palerider – Burial Songs (Review)

Palehorse/PaleriderThis is the debut album from US doom band Palehorse/Palerider.

This is a rich, textured release that combines psychedelic doom, post-rock, and shoegaze to create involving soundscapes. Described as doomgaze, the appellation is apt. Continue reading “Palehorse/Palerider – Burial Songs (Review)”