Transcending Obscurity – the best of 2016

Transcending Obscurity – the best of 2016

Some great bands on this. My selection includes Seedna, Nervosa, Necrosavant and Obscure Sphinx.

Check it out here.

Happy New Year! Looking ahead to 2017

Well, I hope you’ve all recovered from last night’s partying and metal mayhem!

For 2017 Wonderbox Metal wants to continue to produce quality content – reviews, interviews, etc. that help support bands in the metal scene as much as possible. To this end, we’ve made a few site improvements!

We now have our own domain name – visit us regularly at for all the latest reviews and features!

Our email address has also been updated. You can contact us or send anything for review to

We’ve also added a Support page! Like what we do at Wonderbox Metal and want to support us? Please visit the page and see how you can do this. It would mean the world to us!

Based on how good 2016 was for metal music, 2017 promises to be another stellar year for metal.

Stay tuned, and thanks for your support over the years! I hope you have a great 2017.

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