Isolert – World in Ruins (Review)

Isolert - World in RuinsThis is the second album from Greek black metallers Isolert.

Isolert specialise in Scandinavian-style second wave black metal, and I like the way they play it. Thus far, 2015’s Isolated Soul, 2016’s No Hope, No Light…Only Death, and 2017’s Towards the Great Dissolution, (a split with Insanity Cult), all satisfied, and now the band are back Continue reading

Insanity Cult/Isolert – Towards the Great Dissolution – Split (Review)

Insanity Cult IsolertThis is a split between Greek black metallers Insanity Cult and Isolert.

Starting off with Insanity Cult – who we know from 2015’s As My End Unfolds… – the split gets off to a strong start with Thorns of Solitude, which is five minutes of raw, traditional, second wave-influenced black metal. Continue reading

Isolert – Isolated Soul (Review)

IsolertIsolert are a Black Metal band from Greece and this is their first release.

A short demo of just 12 minutes length; Isolert play Black Metal in the Scandinavian vein.

This is grim, Old-School Black Metal with plenty of speed and hateful invective to power the tracks along.

I’m a big fan of the production on this release – it’s raw and underground yet everything remains balanced. They’ve got the mix right between the Black Metal aesthetic and an enjoyable, listenable sound.

The Blackened riffs are frozen and icy and the songs are instantly recognisable for what they are.

The vocals are well-performed rasps in the classic Black Metal style, although some variations appear in the form of whispers and short-lived cleans.

This is a decent demo and a strong entrance for this new band. Give them a listen. Feel the isolation close in and the frigid winds howl.