Interview with Morta Skuld

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After a 20 year gap we finally have a new Morta Skuld album, and what an album it is! Wounds Deeper than Time is an absolute ripping listen, giving us nine songs that demonstrate a band living up to that old saying – all killer, no filler. Continue reading


Interview with Carnal Decay

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Muscular, taut, and full of the kind of death metal that can knock you out from a distance, Carnal Decay’s fourth album You Owe You Pay is brutality incarnate.

This is an album that’s relentlessly hostile and spends its entire length bludgeoning you with torn off body parts and bloody stumps. Carnal Decay buzz with energetic violence, and You Owe You Pay is this energy captured and distilled into musical form.

Enter guitarist Isabelle Iten to spill her guts about the carnage within… Continue reading

Interview with A Breach of Silence


A Breach of Silence Header

A Breach of Silence’s third album Secrets boasts a marked progression in the band’s sound. Bigger, bolder, better and brighter than ever before, Secrets is an album that sticks in the mind. I’ve really enjoyed following this band’s development and progress over the years, and I have to say that Secrets is their most complete-sounding album to date. It really is a damn good listen, so make sure you check it out. Continue reading

Interview with Sunlight’s Bane

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Sunlight’s Bane’s debut album – The Blackest Volume: Like All the Earth Was Buried – has got to be one of the best examples of individualistic filthed-out extremity that I’ve heard in quite some time. Put simply, it’s fantastic.

Nick, the band’s vitriolic singer, gave us some more insight into his hugely impressive band… Continue reading

Interview with Aversions Crown

Aversions Crown Header

Xenocide, the latest album by Australian band Aversions Crown, is 50 minutes of the best kind of modern extremity. Fusing cutting-edge death metal with haunting atmospherics and a streamlined sophistication, the songs that make up this release are brutal, relentless and catchy enough to make it seem like getting your face ripped off over and over again is a good thing.

We talked to the band’s guitarist Mick Jeffery to get you in the mood for some of their ultra-brutality… Continue reading

Interview with The Unguided

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Swedish metallers The Unguided have recently released their latest EP Brotherhood to critical acclaim. Not only does this kick off a new trilogy of future albums, but it also marks a lineup change, with the band debuting their new singer.

So, an important release in many ways, but one that more than lives up to the pressure placed upon it. Find out how below… Continue reading

Interview with Hammerfall

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Anyone into traditional heavy metal has probably heard of Hammerfall. The Swedish metallers have been knocking out albums since 1997, with no sign of running out of steam in the near future.

Which brings us to their latest album, the appropriately titled Built to Last. Long-serving bassist Fredrik Larsson got in touch to tell us how and why the band definitely live up to this album’s title… Continue reading

Interview with Au Champ des Morts

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Have you experienced the raw melodic bleakness of Dans la Joie by French black metallers Au Champ des Morts? If not, then I heartily recommend you to. The album is a rich journey through harrowing depths and terrifying highs. Highly emotive and evocative, here’s a band that know a thing or two about wearing their hearts on their sleeves and producing music that feels like it has real soul.

Prepare yourself then, and let’s explore the world of Au Champ des Morts…

Introduce us to Au Champ des Morts

ACDM is a French band, based in Limousin and Auvergne, started as a duo in 2014 with Stefan Bayle (Anorexia Nervosa) and Migreich (Vulv). Now we are evolving as a trio composed by Stefan Bayle (Vocals, Guitars), Cécile G. (Bass, Vocals) and Wilheim (Drums). We have released one EP « Le Jour se Lève » through Debemur Morti Productions last year and now our first album « Dans la Joie ». Continue reading

Interview with Vanha

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Welcome to the world of Vanha. On the one hand it’s a very bleak and desolate world, filled with heartache and misery. On the other hand though, it’s a world full of rich beauty and textured emotive soundscapes. Within the Mist of Sorrow charts and documents themes of suffering and sadness in such a way that the listener is moved by the music and the emotive performance within.

Jan “Janne” Johansson (Vocals, Guitars, Keyboards) and Jesse Oinas (Drums) are Continue reading