Interview with Craven Idol

Craven Idol Logo

Craven Idol are the real deal. Their latest album The Shackles of Mammon is an absolute scorcher. As with the best of releases; the more you listen to it, the better it gets.

As I said in my review of their latest creation – this is old-school quality with new-school fury and bite. It’s partly this combination that gives Craven Idol such a distinct personality, one that definitely sees them stand out from the hordes.

The very amicable Vrath went into detail about what makes the album so special, and what makes the band tick… Continue reading


Interview with Ghost Season

Ghost Season Header

Greek alternative metallers Ghost Season have produced a strong debut album in Like Stars in a Neon Sky. Full of engaging melodies and more than enough hooks for the listener to get caught on, it’s an album full of passion, aspiration and personality.

So let’s meet Dorian and Helen and find out what makes Ghost Season the band they are… Continue reading

Interview with Nova Collective

Nova Collective Header

Nova Collective are one of the more scintillating, exciting examples of progressive music to appear of late. They’re instrumental, but don’t really seem like it, as the music they create is so engaging and thought-provoking that the lack of a singer is barely noticed.

The Further Side is a great example of musicians coming together and producing something they really love. Luckily for the rest of us, they’re about to share it with everyone. Continue reading

Interview with Sunless

Sunless Header

I like dissonant, avant-garde death metal as much as the next person, but Sunless’ debut album Urraca really does live in its own league. It manages to take everything I like about the style and somehow improve on it. The listener is assaulted by atypical riffs, dissonant melodies and progressive heaviness, all with an accessibility, (relatively speaking), that’s rare for this kind of thing. Continue reading