Interview with Amiensus

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The latest EP by Amiensus – All Paths Lead to Death – has shown a stripped-back band, ready to savagely burn anyone near them with their red-hot display of blistering black metal. WIth some quality songwriting skills and plenty of venomous attitude, this is 29 minutes you don’t want to miss.

So, sit back, take All Paths Lead to Death for a spin and have a read of the below… Continue reading


Interview with Moments

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Belgian hardcore bruisers Moments are soon to release their latest EP Outlast. If you haven’t heard the band before, then now is a great time to get acquainted with their emotive brand of melodic heaviness.

With a passion and an energy that can’t be denied, Outlast is the kind of short, kick-ass release that you just want more of. Denied, all you can do is play it again and lap up the extremely moreish modern music that they make. The band know how to write a good tune.

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Interview with I, the Betrayer

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Norwegian metal band I, the Betrayer will soon release their debut EP 7. If you haven’t experienced their blend of old and new metal, I suggest you check out the stream at the bottom of this interview, as it’s well worth a listen.

Kyle Sevenoaks, the band’s bassist, filled me in on a bit more about the band and how they work… Continue reading

Interview with Haze of Summer

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Haze of Summer’s debut album Znoi is a refreshing take on the current over-saturation of the worldwide black metal scene. This is an album that revels in corrupting black metal’s dark, grim base with lighter, summery moments, all the while staying surprisingly true to the originating style, while also going its own way down post-black metal pathways.

Do you know what? It works a treat, and Znoi is an extremely enjoyable listen.

Intrigued, and wanting to learn more about this enigmatic project, I caught up with the head man behind the band… Continue reading

Interview with Behind the Sun

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Progressive metallers Behind the Sun’s debut release Post Solis has impressed with its diverse portfolio of metal content and generally kick ass material. If you haven’t yet familiarised yourself with the band I heartily suggest you read the below and give Post Solis a spin – it’s well worth it.

Enter the deathless shells… Continue reading

Interview with Jagged Vision

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Jagged Vision’s second album Death Is This World contains 10 tracks of tightly compressed rage and aggression. This is the type of violent metallic hardcore that can strip paint at 100 paces. Heady stuff. It’s also, however, not without its atypical moments; added stoner rock and sludge groove? Yes please. It’s all subsumed into an essentially heavy and nasty piece of work; Jagged Vision have created something quite special on their second album.

So, without further preamble, let’s find out some more… Continue reading

Interview with Vorzug

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Vorzug play ripping death metal that’s worth giving a listen to. They’ve recently released their latest EP Three, so have a listen and learn all about how it came together seemingly quickly and easily…

Introduce us to Vorzug

Vorzug is Daniel Beck- Drums, Rock Rollain – Bass, Jayare Leos – Guitars and Anthony Hoyes – Vocals.

Aka four old guys that play metal. We’re from Phoenix Arizona and we have a combined playing experience of over 90 years. Continue reading

Interview with Craven Idol

Craven Idol Logo

Craven Idol are the real deal. Their latest album The Shackles of Mammon is an absolute scorcher. As with the best of releases; the more you listen to it, the better it gets.

As I said in my review of their latest creation – this is old-school quality with new-school fury and bite. It’s partly this combination that gives Craven Idol such a distinct personality, one that definitely sees them stand out from the hordes.

The very amicable Vrath went into detail about what makes the album so special, and what makes the band tick… Continue reading

Interview with Ghost Season

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Greek alternative metallers Ghost Season have produced a strong debut album in Like Stars in a Neon Sky. Full of engaging melodies and more than enough hooks for the listener to get caught on, it’s an album full of passion, aspiration and personality.

So let’s meet Dorian and Helen and find out what makes Ghost Season the band they are… Continue reading