Scar Symmetry – The Singularity Phase II – Xenotaph (Review)

Scar Symmetry - The Singularity Phase II - XenotaphThis is the seventh album from Scar Symmetry, a melodic death metal band from Sweden.

The Singularity Phase II – Xenotaph is a big album that’s bold and ambitious. but has the skill and ability to back up its vision. Mixing together melodic death metal with heavy and power metal, this is a feast of metallic fun for any fan of this sort of music. Continue reading “Scar Symmetry – The Singularity Phase II – Xenotaph (Review)”

Stellar Circuits – Sight to Sound (Review)

Stellar Circuits - Sight to SoundThis is the second album from US progressive metallers Stellar Circuits.

Sight to Sound contains 48 minutes of music that’s professional and accomplished. Stellar Circuits’ modern take on metal is a technical form of progressive music that also borrows from a few other styles here and there. Continue reading “Stellar Circuits – Sight to Sound (Review)”

Miasmes – Répugnance (Review)

Miasmes - R​é​pugnanceMiasmes are a French black metal band and this is their debut album.

After how much I enjoyed last year’s debut EP Vermines, Répugnance is an album I have been looking forward to. The band have delivered the goods, as I was hoping they would, and Répugnance gives us 42 minutes of new material, (or mostly new – Pestilence makes a reappearance from the EP). Continue reading “Miasmes – Répugnance (Review)”

Torture Rack – Primeval Onslaught (Review)

Torture Rack - Primeval OnslaughtThis is the third album from US death metallers Torture Rack.

It’s been five years since Malefic Humiliation, and since then that album has continued to grow on me over time, like a creeping rot. Yep, I’m ready for Primeval Onslaught. Continue reading “Torture Rack – Primeval Onslaught (Review)”

Order of Nosferat/Lunar Spells – Shadowrealm Incantations – Split (Review)

Order of Nosferat Lunar Spells - Shadowrealm Incantations - SplitOrder of Nosferat and Lunar Spells are both black metal bands, the former from Germany/Finland, and the latter from Greece.

I do love a good black metal split. I was unfamiliar with both of these bands prior to listening to this, so decided to just dive in and see what we have here. Continue reading “Order of Nosferat/Lunar Spells – Shadowrealm Incantations – Split (Review)”

Fellmoon – Fellmoon (Review)

Fellmoon - FellmoonThis is the debut album from solo Norwegian black metal band Fellmoon.

Fellmoon contains 41 minutes of atmospheric/symphonic black metal. Divided into four tracks that mirror the phases of the moon, Fellmoon is a blackened hymn to the lunar cycle. Continue reading “Fellmoon – Fellmoon (Review)”

Autumn Nostalgie/Hænesy – Awaking Mechanon – Split (Review)

Autumn Nostalgie Hænesy - Awakening Mechanon - SplitAutumn Nostalgie from Slovakia and Hænesy from Hungary are both black metal bands, and this is their latest split release.

Across a total of 32 minutes, each band provide two songs to Awaking Mechanon. Autumn Nostalgie’s contribution lasts 18 minutes and Hænesy’s 14 minutes. Continue reading “Autumn Nostalgie/Hænesy – Awaking Mechanon – Split (Review)”

Pupil Slicer – Blossom (Review)

Pupil Slicer - BlossomThis is the second album from UK mathcore band Pupil Slicer.

With a sci-fi theme and a range of different influences, Blossom is a 46-minute journey into Pupil Slicer’s absorbingly intense world. The promo blurb states bands such as Nine Inch Nails, Deafheaven, Radiohead, and Botch as prime influences, and this should set the scene for what is a broad and compelling work. Continue reading “Pupil Slicer – Blossom (Review)”