Bosco Sacro – Gem (Review)

Bosco Sacro - GemBosco Sacro are an Italian doom band and this is their debut album.

Inspired by the awe of the natural world, Gem is a 32-minute journey into textured darkness and emotive sound. Continue reading “Bosco Sacro – Gem (Review)”

Standard Interrogation Techniques: Five Questions for Polar (Interview)

Although I’d ideally love to be able to conduct hard-hitting, in-depth interviews, who has the time these days? In lieu of this, I’ve thrown together the below question template, hopefully to gather some interesting and informative results, without taking up too much of anyone’s time.

Introduce yourself – who are you and what do you do?

Hi! It’s Fabian the guitarist of Polar here. Continue reading “Standard Interrogation Techniques: Five Questions for Polar (Interview)”

Veilcaste – Precipice (Review)

Veilcaste - PrecipiceVeilcaste are a doom metal band from the US, and this is either their third album, (or first, depending on your perspective – they released two albums under the name Conjurer, before changing to Veilcaste).

After Veilcaste’s Split with Tusk from last year, I’ve been interested to hear more from this band. With that in mind it’s time for Precipice, which contains 41 minutes of material, including one of the songs from the aforementioned split, (Dust & Bone). Continue reading “Veilcaste – Precipice (Review)”

Fvnerals – Let the Earth Be Silent (Review)

Fvnerals - Let the Earth Be SilentFvnerals are a German doom band and this is their third album.

Bringing together doom, shoegaze, and dark ambient into a 40-minute cataclysmic declaration, Let the Earth Be Silent is the end times given aural form. Continue reading “Fvnerals – Let the Earth Be Silent (Review)”

Scáth na Déithe – Virulent Providence (Review)

Scáth na Déithe - Virulent ProvidenceThis is the third album from Scáth na Déithe, an Irish black/death metal band.

Having enjoyed 2020’s The Dirge of Endless Mourning, I have been looking forward to what Virulent Providence has to offer. It has not disappointed. Continue reading “Scáth na Déithe – Virulent Providence (Review)”

Endorphins Lost – Night People (Review)

Endorphins Lost - Night PeopleEndorphins Lost are from the US and play grindcore. This is their third album.

I enjoyed Endorphins Lost’s 2018 split with Osk, and I enjoyed their 2019 album Seclusions. Their successful run continues, as now, I also enjoy Night People too. 14 tracks, 20 minutes; Night People is succinct and to the point, yet doesn’t lack in finesse or depth. Continue reading “Endorphins Lost – Night People (Review)”

Returning – Severance (Review)

Returning - SeveranceThis is the debut album from US black metal band Returning.

Containing 48 minutes of music, Severance is a journey into the horrors of ecocide and a hymn to the natural world. Blending black metal with the ambient and atmospheric styles to create immersive soundscapes that exude emotional power, Severance is a shock to the system and a call for better times. Continue reading “Returning – Severance (Review)”

Sanguisugabogg – Homicidal Ecstasy (Review)

Sanguisugabogg - Homicidal EcstasySanguisugabogg are a death metal band from the US and this is their second album.

Homicidal Ecstasy contains 45 minutes of brutal malevolence and filth-covered aggression. Continue reading “Sanguisugabogg – Homicidal Ecstasy (Review)”

Mithridatum – Harrowing (Review)

Mithridatum - HarrowingThis is the debut album from US death metal band Mithridatum.

Harrowing is a 35-minute slab of blackened dissonant death metal that contains ex-members of Abhorrent and The Faceless. Continue reading “Mithridatum – Harrowing (Review)”