Fit for an Autopsy – The Great Collapse (Review)

Fit for an AutopsyFit for an Autopsy are a modern death metal/deathcore band from the US and this is their fourth album.

Hot on the heels of last year’s short split release The Depression Sessions, The Great Collapse is 41 minutes of state of the art crushing brutality.

This isn’t pure death metal by any means; the songs on The Great Collapse have a variety of textures and flavours with which to engage the listener, and death metal is only one of them.

Channelling both a raging death metal fury and a certain hardcore aesthetic through the aggressive tracks, the band have retained their deathcore influences while also expanding on them. The end result is the creation of songs that have more depth and feeling than is usually the case for this style of music.

Listening to the tracks the brutal heaviness of deathcore is apparent in the heavy riffs and chugging bestiality. Modern metal elements provide some nuance and subtlety to the attack, while death metal’s soul is keenly felt in the blast beats and ultra-aggression of the faster moments. However, the Great Collapse is a collection of passionate heavy music that manages to be more than just any one label.

The aforementioned subtlety and nuance to the band’s largely abrasive assault is manifested in some of the melodies and addendums to the meatier riffs, as well as the non-growled vocals. It all makes a difference though; not so much as to have anyone accuse them of softening their approach, but enough to provide some depth to the barrage of crushing riffs. This is a contributing factor to why Fit for an Autopsy avoid being as one dimensional as some of their more straightforward peers.

The songs are well-written, showing a maturity of delivery across the playing time. Deathcore in its purest form can easily be quite banal and unsatisfying, but the combination of different elements converging on The Great Collapse make for an engaging and involving listen.

The record succeeds in connecting with the listener on an emotional level that transcends mere brutality. Yes, there’s more than enough of the latter here to appeal to people that just like to tear it up in the pit, but there’s also more than enough of the former to make fans of people that like a bit more to their metal than just surface heaviness.

Combining the intensity of Thy Art Is Murder with the emotive hardcore atmosphere of Polar, Fit for an Autopsy are a panacea against the mediocrity of much modern extremity.

If you’re a fan of cutting-edge heaviness, make The Great Collapse your next purchase.

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