Dead Ficus – Rise or Fall (Review)

Dead FicusDead Ficus are a Metal band from France and this is their debut album.

Dead Ficus play a form of melodic metal/rock that features harsh vocals and some nice keyboard accompaniment.

The singer has quite a nasty bark to him, which juxtaposes nicely against the music which is melodic and atmospheric. I was actually expecting clean vocals from this band, for some reason, so I like his voice all the more for Continue reading “Dead Ficus – Rise or Fall (Review)”

Carnifex – Slow Death (Review)

CarnifexThis is the sixth album from Carnifex, a US death metal band.

Carnifex play modern/melodic death metal with elements of deathcore and added orchestration.

I’m not overly familiar with Carnifex, having only listened to one of their previous albums – their 2008 release The Diseased and the Poisoned; this was an okay album, but nothing particularly special, so I was not prepared at all for how far they’ve come in the last 8 years. Slow Death is light years ahead of that release, so much so it’s almost like listening to Continue reading “Carnifex – Slow Death (Review)”

Eradikal Insane – Mithra (Review)

Eradikal InsaneEradikal Insane are a French death metal band and this is their debut album.

Eradikal Insane play modern death metal that’s high-impact and straight to the point.

The band vary the speeds that they operate in, but always go full-on regardless of what they do. The fast parts are very fast, the mid-paced grooves are generously dense and the breakdown-styled sections are heavy and crushing. Continue reading “Eradikal Insane – Mithra (Review)”

Interview with Defiatory

Defiatory Logo

Defiatory are a thrash metal band from Sweden that have released a rather storming debut album called Extinct. Combining thrash’s classic sound with a more modern style, it’s a really strong first release, and one that I’ve been spinning rather more than I expected to. There’s something very catchy and more-ish about it, which is as it should be for any good metal album of this type. I took the opportunity to find out more about this new band…

Introduce us to Defiatory!

Defiatory is a band from Umeå, Sweden. Established in 2015. We started as a two piece band, recording demos for fun. But we got a lot of good reviews on our demo tracks and thought what the hell, lets make something out of this. And here we are!

What are your influences?

Early 90’s bay area thrash metal such as: Exodus, Metallica, Testament, Megadeth and the likes.

What inspires you about thrash metal?

Continue reading “Interview with Defiatory”

Shodan – Protocol of Dying (Review)

ShodanThis is the début album by Shodan, a death metal band from Poland.

Shodan play modern death metal for the most part, but also incorporate a myriad of other influences and ideas into this atypical release.

The interesting thing about this band is how they develop their style for each song; it all revolves around a modern core of solid death metal, but each track uses this in its own way and incorporates different elements from Continue reading “Shodan – Protocol of Dying (Review)”

Great Reversals – Mere Mortals (Review)

Great ReversalsGreat Reversals are a US hardcore band and this is their debut album.

After an impressively striking EP, Natural Burial, I was pleased that Great Reversals had returned with their first full-length.

Great Reversals play heavyweight hardcore that has a distinct 90s feel. This is blended with a touch of metal and a few post-hardcore elements here and there. Continue reading “Great Reversals – Mere Mortals (Review)”

Junk Fuck Militia – Greatest Hits (Review)

Junk Fuck MilitiaJunk Fuck Militia are a Polish grindcore band. This is their latest album.

Junk Fuck Militia play grindcore with lashings of hardcore, powerviolence and sludge. This means that the songs play with different speeds, moods and textures according to the desires of the band.

Even though the average song length is about a minute or so, due to the aforementioned stylistic influences you never quite know Continue reading “Junk Fuck Militia – Greatest Hits (Review)”

Archetype – Mission (Review)

ArchetypeThis is the debut album from Archetype, a Canadian progressive death metal band.

This is a progressive mixture of death and thrash metal that’s not short on confidence or character. Or, for that matter, a rather insane delivery style.

The songs have a decent mixture of aggressive thrash metal, (with a kind of German, Destruction/Kreator feel), and melodic death metal, (Carcass/Arsis), mixed in with more technical and progressive tendencies that see the band producing Continue reading “Archetype – Mission (Review)”

Abominant – Napalm Reign (Review)

AbominantThis is the eleventh album from these US death metal veterans.

Abominant’s last album, Onward to Annihilation, was one of the better albums of 2013, so I had high hopes for Napalm Reign. I have not been disappointed.

The band play an underground death metal style that has both thrash and black metal elements, as well as even some power metal ones. This last aspect of their sound was evident on one track on Onward to Annihilation, and although it’s still only a very small part of their sound, it’s developed a little further Continue reading “Abominant – Napalm Reign (Review)”