Interview with Itheist 2019

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Appearing from the ashes of Aetherium Mors, Itheist’s self-titled debut album stokes the fire of molten black metal, and forges it into creative blackened structures that twist and turn in unusual and interesting ways. It’s a very enjoyable record, one which I wanted to dig a bit deeper into. So here we are, with the band kindly providing some insights into their existence… Continue reading “Interview with Itheist 2019”

Burial in the Woods – Church of Dagon (Review)

Burial in the Woods - Church of DagonBurial in the Woods is a one man blackened doom band, and this is his debut album.

Brought to us by the mastermind behind Asche der Welten, this new project’s debut release features four tracks in total. The first three each clock in at 7-9 minutes each, while the last is an imposing 24 minutes. At 49 minutes in total, Church of Dagon is a diverse and inventive listen, one which is definitely worth experiencing. Continue reading “Burial in the Woods – Church of Dagon (Review)”

Inert – Vermin (Review)

Inert - VerminThis is the debut album from Inert, an international, (Swedish/Spanish), death metal band.

Following on from the enjoyable Obliteration of the Self, with its homage to classic old-school Swedish death metal, Inert return with Vermin as a changed beast; two new band members, and an expanded set of influences. Continue reading “Inert – Vermin (Review)”

Yellow Eyes – Rare Field Ceiling (Review)

Yellow Eyes - Rare Field CeilingThis is the fifth album from Yellow Eyes, a black metal band from the US.

Yellow Eyes play modern black metal, raw and underground. Theirs is a bleakly charismatic form of blackened expression, one which provides the listener with many facets to explore throughout its 46-minute playing time. Continue reading “Yellow Eyes – Rare Field Ceiling (Review)”

Keitzer – Where the Light Ends (Review)

Keitzer - Where the Light EndsKeitzer are a German death metal/grindcore band and this is their seventh album.

Keitzer’s 2014 album The Last Defence was a particular favourite of mine, with its energetic and well-delivered deathgrind really hitting the spot. The follow up – 2016’s Ascension – was more of a death metal affair, and although I do prefer The Last Defence, it was still a solid and enjoyable record. Continue reading “Keitzer – Where the Light Ends (Review)”

Ashbringer – Absolution (Review)

Ashbringer - AbsolutionAshbringer are an atmospheric black metal band from the US and this is their third album.

Ashbringer’s black metal combines aggressive blackness with melodic sensibilities and folk-influenced post-rock reflection. Elements of bands such as Fen, Agalloch, Falls of Rauros, Amiensus, and Alcest can be heard, but moulded and channelled through Ashbringer’s own collective experiences and personality. Continue reading “Ashbringer – Absolution (Review)”

Unknown Artist – A Pig’s Head on a Stick (Review)

Unknown Artist - A Pig's Head on a StickThis is the debut release from Unknown Artist, a French extreme metal band.

What on earth is this unholy abomination? A single 28-minute track of utter nastiness and horror, that’s what. Complex and impenetrable, this is disjointed, inaccessible blackened death metal, and is not for the weak of heart. Continue reading “Unknown Artist – A Pig’s Head on a Stick (Review)”