Interview with Jinjer

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Jinjer’s third album King of Everything is an intelligently aggressive take on modern metal. It has a lot of selling points going in its favour, and successfully combines so many good things about modern heavy music. Plus, it just plain rocks. Good music deserves support, so find out a bit more about the band below, listen to their music and turn the volume up loud…

Introduce us to Jinjer!

Hi, it’s Eugene of JINJER, on bass, there are 4 of us – Tatiana on vocals, Roman on guitars, a new drummer Vlad and me. We come from Ukraine, Donbass, and we make a unique sort of true and intelligent metal.

What are your influences?

There are many, starting from Guano Apes, Slayer, Pantera, Otep, Death, Cynic in the early years to more modern influences like Opeth, Gojira, Lamb of God, Textures, Meshuggah, Karnivool, The Faceless and Periphery, etc. Moreover we listen to a lot of non-metal music, Tati loves Ella Fitzgerald, Amy Winehouse. We really like listening to Cypress Hill and House of Pain in our van on the road. Continue reading

Jinjer – King of Everything (Review)

JinjerJinjer are a metal band from the Ukraine, and this is their third album.

King of Everything mixes metalcore, hardcore, thrash metal, groove metal, melodic death metal and djent…Okay, that’s a lot of sub-genres. Let’s just say they cover a lot of bases.

That’s putting it too simply, though; in reality, Jinjer have managed to produce a complex and diverse album that has a whole lot more going on than you might expect for a band that’s labelled Continue reading