Inherits the Void – The Impending Fall of the Stars (Review)

Inherits the Void - The Impending Fall of the StarsThis is the second album from French one-man black metal band Inherits the Void.

Following on from 2021’s Monolith of Light, The Impending Fall of the Stars brings us 43 minutes of mood-rich black metal. Bolstered by additional musicians on drums and piano/keyboards, the artist behind Inherit the Void has crafted an album to fall deeply into. Continue reading “Inherits the Void – The Impending Fall of the Stars (Review)”

Leipa – Reue (Review)

Leipa - ReueThis is the second album from German one-man black metal act Leipa.

Containing 39 minutes of material, Reue is fast and sharp, (although not exclusively so), offering black metal that’s melodic and well-written. The artist behind Leipa has a clear vision for his music, and has more than enough talent to realise it. Continue reading “Leipa – Reue (Review)”

Jours Pâles – Tensions (Review)

Jours Pâles - TensionsThis is the second album from French post-black metal band Jours Pâles.

Last year’s Éclosion came out of nowhere and hugely impressed me. I ended up enjoying it so much it appeared on my end of year list too. I wasn’t expecting another album so soon, but here we are with Tensions, which contains 61 minutes of new material. Continue reading “Jours Pâles – Tensions (Review)”

Orphique – Consécration Cadavérique (Review)

Orphique - Consécration CadavériqueOrphique are a Canadian black metal band and this is their debut album.

Consécration Cadavérique contains 40 minutes of music, and is an exemplary introduction to Orphique’s charismatic take on black metal. Continue reading “Orphique – Consécration Cadavérique (Review)”

Kampfar – Til Klovers Takt (Review)

Kampfar - Til Klovers TaktThis is the ninth album from Norwegian Black Metallers Kampfar.

It’s been a while since I last caught up with what Kampfar were doing, (2015’s Profan). Their brand of pagan black metal is always entertaining, so when Til Klovers Takt appeared I was eager to check it out. Continue reading “Kampfar – Til Klovers Takt (Review)”

Golgata – Ur Eld Och Aska (Review)

Golgata - Ur Eld Och AskaThis is the third album from Swedish black metallers Golgata.

2020’s Tempel was an enjoyable journey into Golgata’s world, so I’m glad to revisit it once more and see what their latest release has to offer. Continue reading “Golgata – Ur Eld Och Aska (Review)”

Eternal Helcaraxe – Drown in Ash (Review)

Eternal Helcaraxe - Drown in AshThis is the third album from Irish black metal act Eternal Helcaraxe.

On Drown in Ash Eternal Helcaraxe provide 47 minutes of music that’s dark and personal, dealing with intimate themes of depression and loss. As such, the music is a forlorn and melancholic form of black metal that drips with feeling and emotion. Continue reading “Eternal Helcaraxe – Drown in Ash (Review)”

Acod – Fourth Reign over Opacities and Beyond (Review)

Acod - Fourth Reign over Opacities and BeyondThis is the fifth album from French black metal band Acod.

Fourth Reign over Opacities and Beyond is a 52-minute journey into Acod’s lovingly-crafted world. Continue reading “Acod – Fourth Reign over Opacities and Beyond (Review)”

Grima – Frostbitten (Review)

Grima - FrostbittenThis is the fifth album from Russian black metal band Grima.

Containing members of Second to Sun, Frostbitten presents us with 49 minutes of atmospheric black metal, and it does so with singular skill, talent, and delivery. Continue reading “Grima – Frostbitten (Review)”