The Noctambulant – Advocatus Diaboli (Review)

The NoctambulantThe Noctambulant are a melodic black metal band form the US and this is their debut album.

Combining elements of the US and Swedish styles of fast, melodic black metal, Advocatus Diaboli is 46 minutes of scything, blistering music that quickly unfolds with attitude and its own dark light. Continue reading


Haze of Summer – Znoi (Review)

Haze of SummerThis is the debut album from Haze of Summer, a Russian black metal project.

Essentially a one-man band fleshed out with guests acting as session musicians, Znoi is a little over half an hour of melodic/post-black metal that takes influence from the bright, modern approach to the style as championed Continue reading

Astral Winter – Forest of Silence (Review)

Astral WinterThis is the third album from Astral Winter, an Australian one-man black metal band.

2013’s Perdition was quite a treat; a heavily atmospheric ambient/neo-classical release that’s enjoyed a lot of airtime in this household.

It’s now time for Forest of Silence, and Continue reading

Falls of Rauros – Vigilance Perennial (Review)

Falls of RaurosThis is the fourth album from Falls of Rauros, a black metal band from the US.

Falls of Rauros are a band that I know can always be relied upon to deliver. Across their various releases they have produced a wealth of atmospheric and engaging folk-influenced black metal that has never failed to impress and satisfy me. The same can be said of Vigilance Perennial in this regard too. Continue reading

Spirit of the Forest – A Void into the Fields of Silence/La Nature Oubliée (Review)

Spirit of the ForestThis is Spirit of the Forest’s third album. They play atmospheric melodic black metal and hail from Canada.

Are you a fan of Emperor, Dissection, Windir and Borknagar? If you are then I’ll happily point you in the direction of Spirit of the Forest and let you listen to their very satisfying new release.

For others that might require a bit more convincing, let me Continue reading