A Thousand Sufferings – Bleakness (Review)

A Thousand Sufferings - BleaknessThis is the second album from A Thousand Sufferings, a Belgian blackened doom band.

We last heard from A Thousand Sufferings in 2015 with their debut album Burden. This was a dark slab of doom/sludge metal, and with Bleakness A Thousand Sufferings have capitalised on the strengths of that early record and produced 41 minutes of tortured and pained heavy music. Continue reading “A Thousand Sufferings – Bleakness (Review)”

Ossuarium – Living Tomb (Review)

Ossuarium - Living TombThis is the debut album from US death metallers Ossuarium.

Ossuarium play old-school death metal with a corrupting doom influence, so much so that to term this death/doom wouldn’t be completely inappropriate. Continue reading “Ossuarium – Living Tomb (Review)”

Morild – Så kom mørket… (Review)

morild - så kom mørket...Morild are a Danish black metal band and this is their debut album.

To give this album it’s full, unabridged title –

Så kom mørket og tog mig på ordet
En sort sky af minder
I afgørende stunder
Frosset fast i mit indre
Jeg håber det forsvinder med lyset
At dø eller blive fri

Which apparently translates as –  Continue reading “Morild – Så kom mørket… (Review)”

Enon Chapel – Enon Chapel (Review)

enon chapel - enon chapelEnon Chapel are an American black metal band and this is their debut EP.

Featuring a member of Palace of Worms, this project takes influence from Victorian era London and specialises in raw, lo-fi black metal. Continue reading “Enon Chapel – Enon Chapel (Review)”

Mastiff – Plague (Review)

Mastiff - PlagueMastiff are a hardcore/sludge metal band from the UK and this is their second album.

Mastiff play the kind of pitch-black ugliness that I really like. Mixing styles and genres into an extreme metal mass of festering hatred and misery, Plague contains elements of doom, sludge, hardcore, and grindcore, all hatefully mixed together and vomited onto the listener with scorn and bile. Continue reading “Mastiff – Plague (Review)”

Hænesy/Moondweller – Earth and Space – Split (Review)

hænesy moondweller - earth and space - splitThis is a split between two black metal acts – Hænesy from Hungary and Moondweller from Russia.

Hænesy open up the split, and after enjoying their debut album Katruzsa from last year, it’s great to have some new material from them already. Continue reading “Hænesy/Moondweller – Earth and Space – Split (Review)”

Ars Magna Umbrae – Lunar Ascension (Review)

Ars Magna Umbrae - Lunar AscensionArs Magna Umbrae is a Polish one man black metal band and this is his debut album.

Lunar Ascension is the follow up to the impressive Through Lunar Gateways, which I really enjoyed. As it turned out, we didn’t have to wait too long for a full length release after all, and here it is. Continue reading “Ars Magna Umbrae – Lunar Ascension (Review)”

Kromorth – Geodesic Beast (Review)

Kromorth - Geodesic BeastKromorth are a death metal band from Brazil and this is their debut album.

This is 32 minutes of brutal, relentless death metal. It’s raw and underground, and displays an instant character that I can’t help but warm to. There’s an obvious passion of delivery here that comes off the music in spades. Kromorth really love what they do. Continue reading “Kromorth – Geodesic Beast (Review)”

Ondfødt – Dödsrikets Kallelse (Review)

ondfødt - dödsrikets kallelseOndfødt are a Finnish black metal band and this is their second album.

We’ve met Ondfødt before on 2014’s Hexkonst, which I found to be quite an enjoyable blast of largely traditional rawness. Continue reading “Ondfødt – Dödsrikets Kallelse (Review)”