Bizarre – Inner Necropolis (Review)

BizarreBizarre are a Spanish death metal band and this is their début release.

Featuring members of Onirophagus, Famishgod and Elderdawn, this new band peddle a nice line in old-school death metal that’s dark, foetid and reeks of decay.

The vocals consist of a combination of utterly illegible growls that are so deep they sound like Satan moving furniture, and high-pitched screams that are so sharp they sound pointed. The guttural growls make up the majority of the performance and are relentlessly brutal.

Musically we get death metal that’s well-influenced by the 90s scene, but not the usual suspects this time, which is nice to hear. The band seem modelled after some of the more interesting and daring bands of the 90s, and as such don’t come across as a typical mid-paced old-school clone.

The music also contains a few hints of black metal in places, and I like the inclusion of keyboards here and there to add further dark atmosphere. The solos and leads are compelling and the riffs are a little more inventive than most of the standard fare for this kind of thing. They also operate at higher speeds than a lot of their older brethren.

Even though this only clocks in at a little over 20 minutes in length, there’s more going on here than in a lot of comparable album-length releases. Whatever dark forces compelled the band members to put this project together should be applauded, as Inner Necropolis has a lot going for it.

Make sure you check this out.

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