Dawn Ray’d – To Know the Light (Review)

Dawn Ray'd - To Know the LightDawn Ray’d are a black metal band from the UK and this is their third album.

Dawn Ray’d have produced an enviable discography in a relatively short space of time, (including 2019’s Behold Sedition Plainsong), and it’s great to now have their third album To Know the Light upon us. Continue reading “Dawn Ray’d – To Know the Light (Review)”

Verminous Serpent – The Malign Covenant (Review)

Verminous Serpent - The Malign CovenantVerminous Serpent are a black metal band from Ireland and this is their debut album.

Featuring members of Primordial, Dread Sovereign, Slidhr, and Malthusian, Verminous Serpent supply us with 40 minutes of malevolent black metal on The Malign Covenant. Continue reading “Verminous Serpent – The Malign Covenant (Review)”

Afsky – Om Hundrede År (Review)

Afsky - Om Hundrede ÅrThis is the third album from Danish one-man black metal band Afsky.

Following on from 2018’s Sorg, 2020’s Ofte Jeg Drømmer Mig Død, and 2022’s I Stilhed, Om Hundrede År contains 43 minutes of new material and is eagerly anticipated by many fans of atmospheric black metal. Continue reading “Afsky – Om Hundrede År (Review)”

Minenwerfer – Feuerwalze (Review)

Minenwerfer - FeuerwalzeMinenwerfer are a black metal band from the US and this is their fourth album.

Brought to us by an ex-member of Lycus and Plague Widow, Feuerwalze contains 49 minutes of black metal that’s harsh, unforgiving, and utterly merciless. Continue reading “Minenwerfer – Feuerwalze (Review)”

Unfelled – Pall of Endless Perdition (Review)

Unfelled - Pall of Endless PerditionThis is the debut album from Unfelled, an international black metal band.

Pall of Endless Perdition contains 36 minutes of black metal and is brought to us by current and ex-members of Woods of Desolation, Drudkh, Windswept, Ill Omen, and Temple Nightside. Continue reading “Unfelled – Pall of Endless Perdition (Review)”

Räum – Cursed by the Crown (Review)

Räum - Cursed by the CrownRäum are a Belgian post-black metal band and this is their debut album.

Cursed by the Crown contains 37 minutes of music, spread across four harsh post-blackened soundscapes. Räum weave desolate moods and grim, oppressive auras throughout this album. Theirs is a form of Continue reading “Räum – Cursed by the Crown (Review)”

Kold – Intet Mere Er (Review)

Kold - Intet Mere ErKold are a black metal band from Denmark and this is their debut album.

Following on from 2021’s KoldIntet Mere Er is a 44-minute black metal journey of frozen landscapes and sorrowful climes. Continue reading “Kold – Intet Mere Er (Review)”

Old Castles/Winterstorm – Everlasting Black Arts in Supreme Darkness – Split (Review)

Old Castles Winterstorm - Everlasting Black Arts in Supreme Darkness - SplitOld Castles and Winterstorm are both black metal bands. The former from Chile, the latter from Chile/Ecuador.

Old Castles open the split with 20 minutes of material. The band play raw black metal and one of the members is also in Winterstorm. Continue reading “Old Castles/Winterstorm – Everlasting Black Arts in Supreme Darkness – Split (Review)”