Fellmoon – Fellmoon (Review)

Fellmoon - FellmoonThis is the debut album from solo Norwegian black metal band Fellmoon.

Fellmoon contains 41 minutes of atmospheric/symphonic black metal. Divided into four tracks that mirror the phases of the moon, Fellmoon is a blackened hymn to the lunar cycle. Continue reading “Fellmoon – Fellmoon (Review)”

Autumn Nostalgie/Hænesy – Awaking Mechanon – Split (Review)

Autumn Nostalgie Hænesy - Awakening Mechanon - SplitAutumn Nostalgie from Slovakia and Hænesy from Hungary are both black metal bands, and this is their latest split release.

Across a total of 32 minutes, each band provide two songs to Awaking Mechanon. Autumn Nostalgie’s contribution lasts 18 minutes and Hænesy’s 14 minutes. Continue reading “Autumn Nostalgie/Hænesy – Awaking Mechanon – Split (Review)”

Pupil Slicer – Blossom (Review)

Pupil Slicer - BlossomThis is the second album from UK mathcore band Pupil Slicer.

With a sci-fi theme and a range of different influences, Blossom is a 46-minute journey into Pupil Slicer’s absorbingly intense world. The promo blurb states bands such as Nine Inch Nails, Deafheaven, Radiohead, and Botch as prime influences, and this should set the scene for what is a broad and compelling work. Continue reading “Pupil Slicer – Blossom (Review)”

Tigercub – The Perfume of Decay (Review)

Tigercub - The Perfume of DecayTigercub are a modern rock band from the UK and this is their third album.

I don’t often reach for rock, but when I do I typically want short songs, big hooks, and darker moods. Enter The Perfume of Decay. Across 41 minutes Tigercub tick all of these boxes and more, delivering exactly what I want from a contemporary rock band that has plenty of 90s influences thrown into their sound. Continue reading “Tigercub – The Perfume of Decay (Review)”

Necrofier – Burning Shadows in the Southern Night (Review)

Necrofier - Burning Shadows in the Southern NightThis is the second album from US black metallers Necrofier.

Following on from 2021’s Prophecies of Eternal Darkness, Burning Shadows in the Southern Night contains 47 minutes of melodic black metal with a classic heavy metal influence. Continue reading “Necrofier – Burning Shadows in the Southern Night (Review)”

OK Goodnight – The Fox and the Bird (Review)

OK Goodnight - The Fox and the BirdThis is the second album from US progressive metal/rock band OK Goodnight.

The Fox and the Bird contains 52 minutes of modern progressive metal that brings together a variety of influences into a multifaceted whole. A foundation of progressive metal and rock is enriched with elements of pop, jazz, and indie to create music that’s charismatic and highly textured. Continue reading “OK Goodnight – The Fox and the Bird (Review)”

Wampyric Rites/Moloch – The Serpent Cult of Darkness – Split (Review)

Wampyric Rites Moloch - The Serpent Cult of Darkness - SplitWampyric Rites and Moloch are both black metal bands, from Ecuador and Ukraine, respectively.

Ever since encountering Wampyric Rites on their 2022 album The Wolves Howl to the Moon, I’ve been smitten, so when this split appeared I knew I wanted to hear it. The band contribute two songs to The Serpent Cult of Darkness, with a combined total duration of 19 minutes. Continue reading “Wampyric Rites/Moloch – The Serpent Cult of Darkness – Split (Review)”

Morkera – Aggravations (Review)

Morkera - AggravationsMorkera are a black metal band from Croatia and this is their second album.

Aggravations is a 36-minute album of modern black metal that’s beautifully harsh and aggressive, while still achieving a certain level of atmospheric darkness. Continue reading “Morkera – Aggravations (Review)”

Khanate – To Be Cruel (Review)

Khanate - To Be CruelKhanate are a doom/drone band from the US and this is their fifth album.

The unthinkable has happened. Utterly impossible. After 14 years, a new Khanate album has arisen from the depths of untold bottomless horror to grace an undeserving planet with its unique form of grim darkness. How and why it has appeared now is anyone’s guess, but surely it must be a sign of the end times? Continue reading “Khanate – To Be Cruel (Review)”

Bell Witch – Future’s Shadow Part 1: The Clandestine Gate (Review)

Bell Witch - Future's Shadow Part 1 The Clandestine GateBell Witch are a funeral doom band from the US and this is their fourth album.

Following on from 2017’s now-classic Mirror Reaper, (by way of 2020’s collaboration with Aerial Ruin Stygian Bough: Volume I), Bell Witch have unleashed another giant work of funeral doom art. Continue reading “Bell Witch – Future’s Shadow Part 1: The Clandestine Gate (Review)”