As Paradise Falls – Digital Ritual (Review)

As Paradise FallsAs Paradise Falls are an Australian metal band and this is their debut album.

If heavy, modern music is your thing, then you’d better take the time to check out As Paradise Falls. Continue reading


Kin Beneath Chorus – Invia (Review)

Kin Beneath ChorusThis is the second album from Greek metal band Kin Beneath Chorus.

This is modern death metal with both metalcore and deathcore influences. Add to this a melodic delivery and atmospheric elements, and you have an album that succeeds in having a firm emotive base to its heart of aggression. Continue reading

Interview with Moments

Moments Header

Belgian hardcore bruisers Moments are soon to release their latest EP Outlast. If you haven’t heard the band before, then now is a great time to get acquainted with their emotive brand of melodic heaviness.

With a passion and an energy that can’t be denied, Outlast is the kind of short, kick-ass release that you just want more of. Denied, all you can do is play it again and lap up the extremely moreish modern music that they make. The band know how to write a good tune.

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Set Before Us – Enigmas (Review)

Set Before UsThis is the second EP by Swedish metalcore band Set Before Us.

Boasting a nice, solid sound, Set Before Us burst out of the speakers with passion, aggression, and melody. They make a good impression.

Passion, aggression, and melody pretty much sum this release up in many ways. The music is upbeat and energetic metalcore, with plenty of heavy breakdowns and ubiquitous melodic leads. It’s infectious and quite enjoyable. Continue reading