Moonreich – Amer (Review)

Moonreich - AmerThis is the fifth album from Moonreich, a French black metal band.

Moonreich’s aggressive brand of modern black metal is always good to hear. Following on from 2018’s Fugue and 2019’s WormgodAmer contains 43 minutes of new material from this enjoyable band. Continue reading “Moonreich – Amer (Review)”

Moonreich – Wormgod (Review)

Moonreich - WormgodThis is the latest EP from French black metallers Moonreich.

Moonreich are a band I always enjoy the work of, (Fugue, for example), and this new EP is no exception. It contains four new songs and a Depeche Mode cover, and lasts 22 minutes. Continue reading “Moonreich – Wormgod (Review)”

Interview with Moonreich

Moonreich Header

The latest Moonreich album – Fugue – is an impressive collection of dark, violent black metal songs. However, there’s more to Moonreich than just sonic extremity, and Fugue is layered with the kind of depth and nuance that makes for a very moreish album. Wide-ranging and multifaceted, while being wrapped up in tightly focused aggression, Fugue is an album that’s a very strong release all-round.

Let’s find out a bit more… Continue reading “Interview with Moonreich”

Monthly Overview – the Best of June 2018

So what dark delights do we have for you this month? Yes, once again it’s time to delve into the best releases that June had to offer, and what a bunch of fine albums we have to share with you this time… Continue reading “Monthly Overview – the Best of June 2018”

Moonreich – Fugue (Review)

MoonreichThis is the fourth album from Moonreich, a French black metal band.

Fugue is a broad-ranging and multifaceted journey into black metal waters, with the band revealing themselves to be quite expressive and creative across the album’s 54 minutes. Continue reading “Moonreich – Fugue (Review)”