Earth Caller – Crystal Death (Review)

Earth CallerEarth Caller are an Australian metallic hardcore band and this is their second album.

Earth Caller’s metallic hardcore operates more on the hardcore side of the trenches, but that doesn’t mean that their beefy metallic content should be discarded, however. Continue reading


Borders – Diagnosed (Review)

BordersBorders are a djent/technical metal band from the UK. This is their latest EP.

Djent/modern technical metal is always so hit and miss. For every one band that gets it right, it seems like there’s a hundred that just release plastic-sounding, lifeless tosh. Continue reading


Fit for an Autopsy – The Great Collapse (Review)

Fit for an AutopsyFit for an Autopsy are a modern death metal/deathcore band from the US and this is their fourth album.

Hot on the heels of last year’s short split release The Depression Sessions, The Great Collapse is 41 minutes of state of the art crushing brutality. Continue reading


Polar – No Cure No Saviour (Review)

PolarThis is the secondĀ album by Polar, a UK Hardcore band.

Polar offer us 40 minutes of passionate music, tinged with elements of punk and post-hardcore delivery. It’s heavy and abrasive in parts, but not without subtlety or melody in others; it strikes the right balance between both.

As soon as the record starts it’s immediately apparent that Continue reading