Vorzug – Three (Review)

VorzugThis is the latest EP by US death metallers Vorzug.

This is blackened death metal. It’s an old-school concoction with dark melodies and vicious riffs. Continue reading


Lantern – II: Morphosis (Review)

LanternLantern are a blackened death metal band from Finland and this is their second album.

Lantern positively reek of old-school death metal’s foul, atavistic stench, albeit one that’s been dipped in the grim waters of black metal’s malevolence. Death metal is the overriding style here, but there’s enough of a blackened influence to allow for it in the genre tag. Continue reading

Demonic Resurrection – Dashavatar (Review)

Demonic ResurrectionThis is the fifth album from Demonic Resurrection, a symphonic black/death metal band from India.

First impression – the album art is amazing.

Featuring members of Demonstealer and Albatross, Demonic Resurrection play epic blackened death metal with flair and style, influenced by Hindu mythology in both theme and sound. Continue reading

Vacivus – Nuclear Chaos (Review)

VacivusThis is the latest EP from UK death metallers Vacivus.

Featuring just two songs and lasting under 13 minutes, Vacivus use the time wisely to show off their dark brand of blackened death metal.

Rising up from the underground like some forgotten demigod of war and malevolent slaughter, the music of Vacivus is shrouded in a filthy blackened aura that coats the music like a Continue reading

Shaarimoth – Temple of the Adversarial Fire (Review)

ShaarimothThis is the second album from Shaarimoth, a blackened death metal band from Norway.

Featuring a member of Gehenna, this is 48 minutes of blackened death metal that’s not for the weak of disposition or persons easily upset.

Listening to Temple of the Adversarial Fire is the aural equivalent of witnessing something you probably shouldn’t. The entire thing reeks of dark, baleful rituals that are probably better left unaired. Continue reading

Vashna – Know the Way to Embrace the Darkness (Review)

VashnaVashna are an Italian blackened death metal band and this is their debut EP.

Dense and murky, it’s immediately obvious to anyone with any hearing left after the band begin their assault that this is not music for the average metal fan.

This is the darkest and ugliest of death metal that’s Continue reading

Noctem – Haeresis (Review)

NoctemThis is the fourth album by this Spanish blackened death metal band.

It seems like their previous album, Exilium, was only released last year, but no; it was actually 2014. So here we are now, with another 46 minutes of their dark and malevolent brand of blackened death.

First off, let’s state the obvious – Haeresis is the sound of a confident and professional band at the height of their game. This is blatantly apparent from the start. Continue reading