Buckshot Facelift – Ulcer Island (Review)

Buckshot FaceliftBuckshot Facelift are a grindcore band from the US and this is their fourth album.

Here we have over 40 minutes of well-written deathgrind. The band take the brief, energetic bursts of punk and grindcore, and entwine them with the staying power of death metal, making for an album that exists on both worlds. Continue reading


Killing Addiction – Shores of Oblivion (Review)

Killing AddictionThis is the latest EP from Killing Addiction, a death metal band from the US.

Having enjoyed their short-yet-brutal 2014 EP When Death Becomes an Art, it’s good to hear some new material from these veterans.

This EP is 15 minutes of classic, 90s-styled Continue reading

Henry Kane – Den Förstörda Människans Rike (Review)

Henry KaneHenry Kane is a one-man deathgrind/death metal/crust project from Sweden.

This is quite hard to classify, but essentially Den Förstörda Människans Rike is a festering, ugly mix of Swedish death metal, hardcore/crust and Swedish grind.

This is deathgrind of the highest, yet filthiest variety. Think of a mutant mix of Dismember, Nails, Anaal Nathrakh, Nasum and Martyrdöd. Continue reading

Unborn Suffer – Nihilist (Review)

Unborn SufferUnborn Suffer are a deathgrind band from Poland, this is their fifth album.

Nihilist is 28 minutes of brutal death metal and grindcore, both mixed together and boiled alive to create a particularly dirty strain of deathgrind. It’s also quite a non-standard release – not because the band do anything wildly original, but because they’ve firmly stamped their music with their own mark.

To expand on this; the band have a rather unusual Continue reading

Urobilinemia – Wriggling Chrysalis of Metaphysical Grudge (Review)

UrobilinemiaUrobilinemia are a Japanese brutal death metal/deathgrind band. This is combination of their split with 妖神楽 (Ayakasi Kagura) and their debut EP.

Featuring a hard-to-decipher band logo and some quite striking cover artwork, the band make a good impression before you even listen to them. And once you do, all Hell breaks loose.

The songs on this release are short, brutal and technical, just what the evil doctor Continue reading

Bent Sea/To Dust – Ascend/Descend – Split (Review)

Bent SeaThis is a split release between Bent Sea and To Dust, both of which play grindcore and both of which feature a plethora of members/ex-members of bands such as Aborted, Megadeth, Soilwork, Napalm Death, (Bent Sea), and Abigail Williams, Vintage Warlords, Humanity Is Cancer, Grave Plague, Fountain of Piss, Severed Remains, The Black Dahlia Murder and Phobia, (To Dust).

Phew. As you can see, there’s a lot of experience here.

The first half of the split is provided by Bent Sea, who give us almost 10 minutes of state-of-the-art ferocity. Continue reading

Cicatrix – Suffocated Faith (Review)

CicatrixCicatrix are a Polish deathgrind band, and this is their second album.

Featuring 10 originals and 2 covers of Dead Infection and Terrorizer songs, Cicatrix wear their influences on their collective sleeves and deliver 29 minutes of utter carnage.

This is a mix of brutal death metal and ugly grindcore. The band know how to play fast, but Continue reading

Necroptic Engorgement – Realms of Incessant Bloodshed (Review)

Necroptic EngorgementNecroptic Engorgement are a death metal band from the US. This is their latest EP.

This is brutal death metal with a touch of deathgrind added for extra flavour.

Vocals are either high pitched screeches or deep, guttural growl-barks that sometimes sound unusually legible, but always sound unusually evil. Continue reading

Morgue Supplier – Morgue Supplier (Review)

Morgue SupplierThis is the second album by US Grinders Morgue Supplier.

This is rabid, brutal Grindcore that takes some Death Metal influences into its nasty embrace, resulting in 41 minutes of punishing Deathgrind.

Fast and intense, the band launch into their assault with glee and these tracks are not for the weak.

An album of this length could get quite boring though in the wrong hands, which is where the Death Metal influence comes in; there’s more than enough tempo changes and slower, groovy riffs to provide additional variety and substance to the aggressive mix.

Scathing screams, sickening shouts and ugly growls provide the vocal contribution and, alongside the well-recorded music, makes for a very satisfying listen.

This is a really enjoyable album. The songs are well-written and provide much more depth and content than a lot of Deathgrind bands aspire to. It has the chaotic mayhem of unhinged Grindcore and the controlled slaughter inherent to Death Metal. Blend these two together and you have a recipe for a winner. It doesn’t stop there though; also add in some atypical, interesting riffs and ideas, and you end up with an album that has far more staying power than most.

A success.