Enterprise Earth – Foundation of Bones (Review)

Enterprise Earth - Foundation of BonesThis is the latest EP from US death metal/deathcore band Enterprise Earth.

This EP contains a new song, (the title track), two covers, an acoustic version of an older song, and an instrumental version of the title track; 22 minutes of material in total.

Foundation of Bones is brutally heavy, crushing with deathcore malevolence and savage aggression. There’s a dynamic energy here that’s enticing, and the song is a very strong one.

The next song is a Lamb of God cover – Now You’ve Got Something to Die For. It’s performed very well, and remains faithful to the original, right down to the vocal inflections. It’s just as good as the original, and may actually be slightly better. No mean feat.

Next comes an intense Necrophagist cover of Fermented Offal Discharge. This is where Enterprise Earth really get to show off their technical chops, tearing through the song with murderous precision. Top stuff.

After that, things calm with an acoustic rendition of There Is No Tomorrow from the band’s third album. As this is my first encounter with Enterprise Earth, I can’t comment on its relationship with the original, but this version is atmospheric and emotive, showcasing an entirely different side of the band. Impressive.

Closing with an instrumental version of Foundation of Bones, this is a solid EP that’s well worth your attention.

Highly recommended for fans of modern heavy carnage.

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