Bell Witch – Mirror Reaper (Review)

Bell WitchBell Witch are a doom band from the US and this is their third album.

My my, what do we have here? One single colossally heavy slab of grim funeral doom that lasts a monolithic 83 minutes? Yes please! Continue reading


Incantation – Profane Nexus (Review)

IncantationIncantation are a legendary US death metal band and this is their eleventh album.

Pioneers of combining death metal’s fiery intensity with monolithic doom influences, Profane Nexus is the sound of a band that know exactly what they need to do to put out a great death metal record, and then just get down to the business of doing it. Continue reading

Cormorant – Diaspora (Review)

CormorantCormorant are a progressive black metal band from the US. This is their fourth album.

This is a highly ambitious release, with a wide range and scope across its hour long playing time. Spread across only four tracks, Cormorant pack a lot in on this release. Continue reading