Slomatics – Canyons (Review)

Slomatics - CanyonsSlomatics are a doom metal band from the UK and this is their sixth album.

We know Slomatics from 2016’s superb Future Echo Returns, and more recently from their equally superb split with Mammoth Weed Wizard Bastard. Continue reading

Interview with Slomatics

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Future Echo Returns is, basically, a great album. Mixing sheer heaviness, colourful vocals, infectious melodies, atmospheric synths and a real emotional connection to the listener, I simply can’t say enough good things about this record. So I won’t bother trying – just make sure you get your claws on it and let the band sweep you away. David, the band’s guitarist, took the time to tell us all about the album, his band, and life in general…

Introduce us to Slomatics!

Hi. We’re a three piece based in Belfast, Ireland. The line up is Marty on drums/vocals/synths, Chris on guitar and I’m on guitar too. We formed in 2004, toured and put out a couple of albums and some splits. Marty joined us in 2011 and that’s really when things kicked off. Continue reading

Slomatics – Future Echo Returns (Review)

SlomaticsSlomatics are a sludge/doom band from the UK. This is their fifth album.

A brief overview of Future Echo Returns – doom, sludge, psychedelia, stoner, feedback, atmosphere, synths, heaviness, riffs, leads, solos, metal, songs. More than anything this last one; this album is about songs. Damn good ones too.

In addition to the songs themselves, Slomatics are all about the Continue reading