Outright – Keep You Warm (Review)

Outright - Keep You WarmThis is the second album from metallic hardcore band Outright.

Described in the promo blurb as a mix of Walls of Jericho and Slayer, this is as good an introduction as any to Outright’s sound, (I’d also throw in a bit of Capra too, as a more recent reference point). Continue reading “Outright – Keep You Warm (Review)”

Landmvrks – Lost in the Waves (Review)

Landmvrks - Lost in the WavesLandmvrks are a French metalcore band and this is their third album.

After their solid 2018 effort Fantasy, Landmvrks are now back with another 33 minutes of material. Lost in the Waves is heavier than its predecessor, but without losing its melodic edge. Shorter than the album that preceded it, it’s also more diverse. Continue reading “Landmvrks – Lost in the Waves (Review)”

Above the North – A Tale They Whisper (Review)

Above the NorthAbove the North are a Hardcore band from France. This is their latest EP.

It starts off with melodic riffs that have a firm edge to them whilst serrated vocals scream out over the top. This is the kind of emotive Hardcore that’s easy to connect with if you like the style as it’s instantly engaging yet with a depth to it that bears repeated visits.

Some of the guitar parts and riffs even have a Post-Hardcore feel to them and have a resplendent sheen. The solid sound that the band have shows these guitars off to their full potential and the band sound immense.

Imagine a more traditionally structured Norma Jean, or From Autumn to Ashes minus the clean vocals, or a less abrasive/Metal Zao…Above the North have a lot of talent it seems, as these four songs ably showcase.

Alongside recent Hardcore releases such as Muck and The Black Lantern, Above the North show that you can play Hardcore that has bite without going the massively heavy/angry route that much of Hardcore does.

These songs have a thoughtful, introspective aura to them yet still have energy and passion in spades.

Very impressive. If they can keep up this level of songwriting for the future then their début album will be a thing of beauty.

Check them out.