Monolord – No Comfort (Review)

Monolord - No Comfort

Monolord are a doom metal band from Sweden and this is their fourth album.

Mixing doom, stoner, rock, and sludge into 47 minutes of satisfying Black Sabbath/Electric Wizard-esque worship, No Comfort is an enjoyable example of how to deliver a well-worn style with enough personality to be worthwhile.

Monstrous fuzz and ginormous riffs power the music with undeniable presence. Heavy groove and slow, crushing distortion guides your way as you descend into the bowels of Monolord’s gargantuan world. This is, however, only part of what makes No Comfort so compelling; there’s a depth and substance here that transcends the more facile aspects of the standard genre fare.

Monolord have a firm psychedelic streak, which makes itself known in no uncertain terms when the need arises. It’s easy and desirable to get lost in this, embraced by the exploratory wanderings of the band as they search for catharsis in volume and musical form. A progressive metal side reveals itself too, hidden amidst the stoner trappings and doom regalia. This allows the band to transcend their origins, adding extra depth and interest to the music.

Although I enjoy Monolord’s more straightforward material, it’s the slower, more considered approach of songs like Larvae, Alone Together, and No Comfort that really hits the spot for me. Melody and emotion are incorporated well into the album as a whole, but in these three tracks especially well. The entire album is a strong one, however, and the remaining three tracks have more than their fair share of aural delights.

A recommended listen.

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