Interview with Itheist 2019

Itheist Logo

Appearing from the ashes of Aetherium Mors, Itheist’s self-titled debut album stokes the fire of molten black metal, and forges it into creative blackened structures that twist and turn in unusual and interesting ways. It’s a very enjoyable record, one which I wanted to dig a bit deeper into. So here we are, with the band kindly providing some insights into their existence… Continue reading “Interview with Itheist 2019”

Interview with Hamferð 2019

Hamferd Band

The latest release by Hamferð is the short EP Ódn. It only contains two tracks, but is a release that’s not only very enjoyable, but very intriguing too. Both songs are very individual and have an interesting story behind them, which we’ll find out more about below.

Theodor Kapnas, guitarist in Hamferð, was nice enough to talk about both songs, as well as Hamferð in general… Continue reading “Interview with Hamferð 2019”

Interview with Dom Smith – Parasitic Twins, Wobbling About & Rocking Out, Soundsphere 2019

Dom Smith is a busy guy. You might not know who he is, but hopefully after reading the below you will, and you’ll want to support the good work that he does.

Dom is in a number of bands, (most notably Parasitic Twins), but also runs both Wobbling About & Rocking Out and Soundsphere, more on which you’ll find out about later. He’s a man with a disability, but he hasn’t let this hold him back. In fact, he is passionate about helping to support musicians and artists with a range of disabilities, as well as actively working to raise awareness of these sometimes hidden or unacknowledged issues. A recent Guardian article has helped to raise the profile of some of the challenges that disabled musicians can face, and it’s people like Dom that are really trying to push things forward and make a difference. Continue reading “Interview with Dom Smith – Parasitic Twins, Wobbling About & Rocking Out, Soundsphere 2019”

Interview with Spirit Adrift 2019

Spirit Adrift Header

Spirit Adrift’s new album Divided by Darkness is my favourite album yet by this superlative band. Filled with rousing songs, engrossing melodies, infectious riffs, and quality writing, Divided by Darkness is sure to make an impact on many best of 2019 lists I’m sure.

I quizzed band mastermind Nate Garrett about the band’s latest release, and found out a few interesting things… Continue reading “Interview with Spirit Adrift 2019”

Interview with Allegaeon 2019

Allegaeon LogoAllegaeon’s fifth album Apoptosis is a progressive metal tour de force that uses technical and melodic elements to its benefit in a number of stimulating and highly enjoyable ways.

Guitarist and main man Greg Burgess tell us more about this latest opus… Continue reading “Interview with Allegaeon 2019”

Interview with Contrarian 2019

Contrarian Logo

Contrarian are a personal favourite of mine in the realms of progressive/technical death metal. Bridging the old-school and the new by taking strengths from both, their albums – and new platter Their Worm Never Dies in particular – are very much worth your time.

Guitarist Jim Tasikas tells us more… Continue reading “Interview with Contrarian 2019”

Interview with Downfall of Gaia

Downfall of Gaia Header

Downfall of Gaia’s recently released fifth opus Ethic of Radical Finitude has rapidly become one of my favourites of 2019 already. It’s a very strong album of post-black metal and I implore you to spend some time with it.

Guitarist/vocalist Dominik Goncalves dos Reis gave me some more information about the process that saw the creation of the album… Continue reading “Interview with Downfall of Gaia”

Interview with Technical Damage

Technical Damage - HeaderStraight out of the underground come Technical Damage, a multifaceted metal band from Canada who have just unleashed their debut album on the world. The Introspect is a solid and layered slab of metallic entertainment, one which offers meaty substance alongside its obvious style.

Want to find out a bit more about this band? Read on… Continue reading “Interview with Technical Damage”