Primitive Man – Caustic (Review)

Primitive ManPrimitive Man are a US doom band and this is their second album.

Ahhh Primitive Man. As you can see from my reviews of their previous work, (here, here, here, and here), this is a band I absolutely love. Their pitch-black, nihilistic, world-hating doom is so perfectly delivered that it never ceases to satisfy and crush in equal measure. Continue reading


Atriarch – Dead as Truth (Review)

AtriarchThis is US blackened doom band Atriarch’s fourth album.

The band’s last album An Unending Pathway was a notable, individual, and very engaging release from 2014, managing to combine elements of doom, black metal, and deathrock effectively and enjoyably. Continue reading

Owlcrusher – Owlcrusher (Review)

OwlcrusherOwlcrusher are a blackened doom/sludge band from the UK and this is their debut album.

Here we have some truly ugly, colossally heavy music, the likes of which you don’t stumble upon too often. Which, for the listener’s sanity and well-being, is probably a good thing. Continue reading

Coldfells – Coldfells (Review)

ColdfellsColdfells are a blackened doom band from the US. This is their debut album.

This is a blackened doom release that really does blur the line between the two styles. Is this doom metal with a distinctly blackened feel to it, or is this black metal with a doom metal veneer? Possibly more the latter than the former, but either way, the Continue reading

Fell Ruin – To the Concrete Drifts (Review)

Fell RuinFell Ruin are a blackened doom band from the US. This is their debut album.

Fell Ruin first graced the Earth with their sickened brand of sludgy black doom in 2015 with Devices. They’ve now returned with their first full length. I enjoyed Devices, (can one enjoy something as nasty as this band?), but To the Concrete Drifts is probably even better. Continue reading