Worm – Foreverglade (Review)

Worm - ForevergladeThis is the third album from Worm, a blackened death/doom band from the US.

Foreverglade is the fetid swamp where black metal, funeral doom, and death metal meet and all drown slowly. It hard not to get caught up in the band’s rotting stench. I mean, a blackened form of death/doom? One which knows how to craft atmosphere as well as crush with brutal harsh nastiness, all tied together with very effective songwriting? Sign me up. Right now.

The music’s grim atmosphere is sickeningly malignant and augmented by ominous synths and eerie leads. The gloom-draped moods and disgusting miasmatic auras that the band have birthed on Foreverglade are immersive and foul.

Worm’s funeral death/doom is richly explored, and I love the black metal elements that infuse the album with real darkness. The latter are notably of the classic 90s variety, with symphonic embellishments that are superbly well-handled. The death metal aspects add teeth and ferocious riffs and groove when necessary. All three of the band’s main influences – black, doom, death – have been grown together as one though, and due to this the album is even greater than the sum of its parts.

The music is very well-composed and realised, with a good degree of variety and interest on offer. Worm’s macabre work contains many dark and enticing delights, as well as some unexpected treats; for example, some of the solos here are exceptional, even more so since this is not a style really noted for its guitar solos generally.

What a colossal and impressive album. Foreverglade is something special. Worm’s synergy of black, death, and doom has produced an album worthy of high accolade, and I can’t recommend it enough.

Essential listening.

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