Fvnerals – Let the Earth Be Silent (Review)

Fvnerals - Let the Earth Be SilentFvnerals are a German doom band and this is their third album.

Bringing together doom, shoegaze, and dark ambient into a 40-minute cataclysmic declaration, Let the Earth Be Silent is the end times given aural form. Continue reading “Fvnerals – Let the Earth Be Silent (Review)”

Darkher – The Buried Storm (Review)

Darkher - The Buried StormThis is the second album from UK doom/folk band Darkher.

Primarily the work of one artist, (with a drummer), the music of Darkher exists where doom and dark folk collide. Across eight luscious tracks The Buried Storm crafts deep atmosphere with a 41-minute doom-filled soundscape. Continue reading “Darkher – The Buried Storm (Review)”