Hormagaunt – In the Flesh (Review)

Hormagaunt - In the FleshThis is the debut album from Australian death metallers Hormagaunt.

Although In the Flesh quietly oozed into life at the end of 2022 I couldn’t resist its mouldy charms, so here we are. Get ready for a 31-minute trip into the foulest and nastiest death metal swamps. Continue reading “Hormagaunt – In the Flesh (Review)”

Conjureth – The Parasitic Chambers (Review)

Conjureth - The Parasitic ChambersConjureth are a death metal band from the US and this is their second album.

Following on from 2021’s Majestic DissolveThe Parasitic Chambers is a 38-minute hymn to old-school death metal. Continue reading “Conjureth – The Parasitic Chambers (Review)”

Ashen – Ritual of Ash (Review)

Ashen - Ritual of AshThis is the debut album from Australian death metal band Ashen.

Ritual of Ash is a 38-minute monster of a death metal album. Ashen spend their time on this record carving their way through the killing arenas of the style to appear triumphant and covered in blood by the end of it. The album snarls with Swedish death metal groove and roars with USDM intensity. A few other death metal styles can be heard here and there too, making for a collection of tracks that are easy to replay and enjoy. Continue reading “Ashen – Ritual of Ash (Review)”

Obituary – Dying of Everything (Review)

Obituary - Dying of EverythingObituary are a legendary death metal band from the US. This is their eleventh album.

Obituary are such a goooooooood band. Every album is just a really fun listen. I thoroughly enjoyed all of their recent releases, (Inked in BloodTen Thousand Ways to Die, Obituary), and new album Dying of Everything is no Continue reading “Obituary – Dying of Everything (Review)”

Sacrilegion – From Which Nightmares Crawl (Review)

Sacrilegion - From Which Nightmares CrawlSacrilegion are a death metal band from the US and this is their debut album.

From Which Nightmares Crawl contains 44 minutes of potent death metal that’s sure to make some underground waves. Combining brutal heaviness with an expressive melodic prowess, Sacrilegion’s death metal is both satisfying and rewarding. Continue reading “Sacrilegion – From Which Nightmares Crawl (Review)”

Exhumed – To the Dead (Review)

Exhumed - To the DeadExhumed are a death metal band from the US and this is their eighth album.

I like Exhumed a great deal, and have enjoyed seeing their sound progress, (Death Revenge), then regress, (Horror), over the years, all very enjoyably. New album To the Dead offers 39 minutes of bloodsoaked material in a somewhat similar fashion to their Continue reading “Exhumed – To the Dead (Review)”

Ripped to Shreds – 劇變 (Jubian) (Review)

Ripped to Shreds - 劇變 (Jubian)This is the third album from US death metallers Ripped to Shreds.

Featuring current and ex-members of bands such as Azath, Disincarnation, and Spinebreaker, 劇變 (Jubian) contains 36 minutes of meaty death metal heaviness. Continue reading “Ripped to Shreds – 劇變 (Jubian) (Review)”

Vacuous – Dreams of Dysphoria (Review)

Vacuous - Dreams of DysphoriaThis is the debut album from UK death metallers Vacuous.

Dreams of Dysphoria presents us with 34 minutes of hideous old-school death metal. At least, that’s the simplistic summary. The harsh and terrifying reality is that Vacuous offer something a little different, a little darker than that of your average old-school death metal act. Continue reading “Vacuous – Dreams of Dysphoria (Review)”

Acephalix – Theothanatology (Review)

Acephalix - TheothanatologyAcephalix are a death metal band from the US and this is their fourth album.

Theothanatology, (which features a member of Draghkar/Vastum), is an album of blunt brutality, repeatedly slamming broken bits of gravestone into your head across 32 minutes of death metal barbarity. Continue reading “Acephalix – Theothanatology (Review)”