1/2 Southern North – Narrations of a Fallen Soul (Review)

12 Southern North - Narrations of a Fallen SoulThis is the debut album from 1/2 Southern Soul, a one-woman blackened doom band from Greece.

Narrations of a Fallen Soul is a 67-minute journey into lesser travelled terrain. Powered by a single creative artist, but fleshed out by many guests on different tracks and instruments, (including drums, saxophone, violin, davul, kaval, and dahare), 1/2 Southern North provides an unusual album that is well-crafted and realised.

Narrations of a Fallen Soul contains a mix of different styles. Blackened doom is probably the most relevant appellation, but this exists under an experimental, noise, and avant-garde framework. Folk, jazz, and drone influences can be heard too, further enriching the album’s musical depth.

The artist behind the music has constructed a wide-ranging and ambitious sound. The music is largely dark and finely wrought, gradually unfolding with subtle melodic highlights and sorrowful atmospheric moods. Each track has its own personality, emphasising different parts of the 1/2 Southern North formula, whether that be an increased folk presence, the use of rich psychedelia, a jazz exploration, or a number of other aspects.

The vocals are striking and distinctive. The singer has a powerful voice and her performance is emotive and characterful. Her voice is undeniably the music’s focal point, and she clearly has a wealth of talent. This talent extends into all areas of the music, of course, but her voice is the component that stands out the most.

Narrations of a Fallen Soul is an enticing work of dark art. Its appeal will be narrow by virtue of its esoteric nature, but for those that seek out the unconventional and atypical, the artist behind 1/2 Southern North has crafted an engaging and idiosyncratic collection of music.

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