Worm – Bluenothing (Review)

Worm - BluenothingThis is the latest EP from Worm, a blackened death/doom band from the US.

Worm return! After the monstrous slab of blackened doom malevolence that was 2021’s Foreverglade, Worm are back with 27 minutes of foul new material.

The title track is a grim harbinger of darkness that opens the EP with Worm’s trademark shroud of malignant black/death/doom metal. It’s carved from swampy sickness, yet has the sort of bright melodic leads and solos that stand out, (presumably courtesy of their new guitarist of Atramentus and First Fragment fame). Old-school symphonic black metal vibes infuse the song strongly, while the deep death growls haunt the waves of crushing doom. Heavily atmospheric, Bluenothing is a 12-minute triumph.

Centuries of Ooze II follows, a sequel to the last track on Foreverglade. Its funereal crawl is once again steeped in 90s black metal and striking guitar solos. Meaty sludge doom riffs infest this track, merging with the synth-heavy approach very well. A welcome continuation, this is another infectious slice of fetid atmosphere from Worm.

Invoking the Dragonmoon is a luscious interlude that’s mood-rich and sounds like something off an early Cradle of Filth album. After the first two songs of doom-drenched filth, this is a blackened cleanser of sorts that sets the scene for what comes next.

Yes, on the final song Shadowside Kingdom Worm fully embrace their symphonic black metal side in all of its Emperor-shaped glory. The track has its own epic cosmic intro, before unleashing its second half in a fast and furious blackened maelstrom of dark splendour.

Worm are fast developing into a quite remarkable band, and I can’t wait to hear more from them in the future. Until that time, Bluenothing is a solid taste of things to come and highly recommended for any fans of the band.

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