Defiatory – Hades Rising (Review)

DefiatoryThis is the second album from this Swedish thrash metal band.

Defiatory’s debut album Extinct was a notably enjoyable thrash attack, ably mixing together older influences into a modern take on aggressive thrash metal.

Although definitely stylistically rooted in the old-school Bay Area, Hades Rising is not quite as old-school as the album cover would lead you to believe. The band have definitely learned a few tricks from the newer schools of thrash/melodic death metal, with the resulting album taking the best parts of different eras.

On their second album, Defiatory continue to fuse their Bay Area thrash influences into their modern delivery, but there’s more emphasis on melody and rhythm this time – although it should be noted that there’s still plenty of aggression here still.

Speed and groove, ripping solos and molten leads, a solid recording, and a singer that has character and presence; it all adds up to an enjoyable and satisfying release.

This is an easy album to recommend for fans of bands such as Slayer, Testament, Evile, Dew Scented, The Haunted, and Darkane.

Hades Rising is a good progression from Extinct, and is another strong thrash metal release from a strong band.

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